Concluzio Game Review

Gameschooling Logic with Concluzio

I’m not a stranger to logic games, I just don’t care for puzzle games. What I can say is that Concluzio is a game unlike any I’ve seen before–and that’s a good thing because I actually like Concluzio.

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Age: 8+
Time: 15-20′
Players: 2-4
Theme: Puzzle, Logic, Card

Concluzio Game Review

Concluzio is a game of deciphering codes, deduction, and the logic needed to put all of it together.

Concluzio is a great compact game, making it easy to tag along. Bored at home or in a hotel? Whip this baby out and boom, instant fun! Oh, and it’s inexpensive at that.

Concluzio Game Review
I received a copy of Concluzio to review and giveaway during our Gameschooling the Holidays giveaway.

How to Play Concluzio

I’ll give you a link to watch Concluzio played in just a minute because I found it very useful and you get to hear the history of the game. But first, let me give you some more information.

Concluzio was created by Robert Kerr, illustrated by Michael T. Schroeder, published by Michael’s company, Puzzling Pixel

Watch a tutorial and short playthrough with the creator at Board Game Rundown, episode 17, minutes 21:00-28:00.

Concluzio Game Review, Gameschooling @ Gameschool Academy
Concluzio Review, Gameschooling @ Gameschool Academy

Game play goes a little like this:

The point: Each player has a secret card, the goal is to correctly guess the color, number, and shape on their secret card–kinda like Clue.

Win: Be the first person to correctly guess their secret card.

Tip: First-time players should remove the ability cards until they’re familiar with the game.

Pro Tip: There are two different form of each shape, solid and outlined. Don’t get confused!

Watch a short tutorial and playthrough with Concluzio’s creator, on episode 17 of Board Game Rundown, 21:00-28:00.



How to play:

1. Each player is dealt 5 cards. Cards have the following attributes–color, number, and shape.

2. Each player is then dealt a 6th card but don’t look at it!!! This is your secret card and no one likes a Cheaty McCheaterson. Remaining cards go face down between players.

3. On a player’s turn they place one card from their hand down and ask the player to the left if the card has any matching attributes. The other player honestly answers yes or no. Player then places the card in their personal yes or no pile and draws a card.

4. Should they wish, players may guess their secret card at the beginning of their turn. If the guess is correct, the player wins! If the guess is incorrect the player is removed and the game continues.

But wait! There’s more!

Once you get to know the game it’s time to add the ability cards! These cards–of which there are 4–offer players an advantage. These cards allow players to use an ability, such as providing a lifeline should you find yourself out of the game.

What Makes Concluzio Educational?

There’s a lot to cover here so I’ll make it quick. For those looking for concrete subjects that match this (or any) game, please remember the value of playing a game for skills, not for a lesson plan.

Deductive skills are key here! There’s no bluffing, no tricking, no real strategy- it’s simply keeping track of clues to guess your card.

Art- Concluzio is an example of a game with modern art-influenced artwork. 

Visual Acuity- Concluzio needs a lot of visual focus, which can be helpful for observation skills (see more below)

Memory- While you are able to see your yes and no cards, it’s up to you to remember which attribute is associated with which card.

Things to Know & Game Adaptations

Concluzio is colorblind friendly, which leads me to the issue of visual acuity and discrimination.

The shape attribute on the card & the print on the ability cards are small and you may have a difficult distinguishing them from the rest of the card. The good news is that once you’ve played a handful of times, you’ll recognize them more easily.

There aren’t a whole lot of other applicable adaptations, which isn’t unusual with these types of games.

Our Final Thoughts

Replay Value: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Great as a travel or camping game!)
Adult Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (-1 point for small font)
Teen Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (great for teen club!)
Child Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️  (she’s a wee bit under the target age range)

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