Building Thinking Skills Preschool Workbook

Building Thinking Skills Beginning Preschool Workbook

Preschool is a time of snuggles, exploration, making messes…it’s also a critical time for building thinking skills. Help your children develop those skills with the Building Thinking Skills Beginning Preschool Workbook from Critical Thinking Press.

Disclaimer: I received this book at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own as a positive review was not guaranteed.

I love The Critical Thinking Company. I love what they do; challenging our kids to think through situations critically, to evaluate all sides and choose deliberately and consciously. It’s a skill missing from far too many people today, kids are conditioned to do what they are told until they are told to stop doing it. That’s pretty scary considering that these kids will be the ones leading the world in thirty years. The Critical Thinking Company is here to combat that lack of education.


Building Thinking Skills Beginnings Preschool Workbook

Building Thinking Skills is a workbook series of question and answer puzzles designed to improve academic performance. I was given the opportunity to review a workbook and decided to pick the preschool book, Beginning, because I don’t review a lot of preschool materials.


A word about developmental appropriateness: There are different kinds of three year olds; some are on the more mature side and some are still more on the toddler side. I’ve had six three year old kids in my parenting career and while some of them were ready for workbooks and could even read at 3, some just weren’t. My current three year old is on the toddler side and has some developmental delays to boot. While she wasn’t able to really sit down and do this workbook as it’s fully meant to be used, it did give us some great snuggle time. If you have a child like mine, chances are this book will be more developmentally appropriate for them when they are 4 or 5 but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it as we did.


How we used the book: Baby girl has some pretty significant language delays, frankly, half the time I can’t tell what she is saying. While we work on that with our developmental team, I decided to approach this book like we do story time. We sat together and I would open a page and we would talk about the colors and the objective of the page. Sometimes she played along, sometimes she wanted to flip through the pages, and sometimes she wanted to do something different (usually that mean running around the hose singing “Let it go!” over and over. Not the whole song, mind you, just those three words.) As we all know, there is no arguing with a three year old, so to keep it relaxed I let her lead.


Building Thinking Skills Beginnings Preschool WorkbookBuilding Thinking Skills Beginnings Preschool Workbook


I like that there isn’t a lot of distraction on the pages, which seems to be a real problem in a lot of workbooks. It’s really hard for kids, especially young kids, to concentrate on the lesson at hand if there are a hundred drawings on the page. If your child is on the toddler side of the scale, like mine, they can still get a lot out of this book.


I also like that this workbook is developmentally appropriate for preschoolers. Activities are brightly colored, organized, and sequenced in small sections that are perfect for young minds. Preschoolers aren’t designed to sit still and do written work, and with this book they aren’t expected to. This book is a fun addition to our day and helps keep our afternoon snuggle time interesting for both me and baby girl!



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Worldview: secular
Ages: 3-4+
Parental participation: required