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Best Budget Educational Board Games


Budget Educational Board Games


Children learn through play and I firmly believe that play, especially games, should be the the major part of a child’s daily schedule. And not just kids either! Games are good for all of us, because even though we’re grown up that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to play. There is one downside to gameschooling though, games aren’t cheap. Yes, you can make your own games & print games, but sometimes you want to play an old fashioned board or card game that doesn’t require work on your part. Here I’ve compiled a list of the best budget educational board games, all under $20 as of the date this post was published.


As always, please remember that the suggested ages on a game are just suggestions. You might be surprised at how much fun a game in another age range is. Please let this list guide you, but don’t let it restrict you! Also, please note that all items were under $20 as of the time of this post.


Disclaimer:This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase through these links I will receive a small commission that I put right back into keeping this website and its communities running. Thank you!

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Best Educational Board Games Under $20 for Preschool

Hi Ho CHerry-O (math, counting, taking turns)
Chutes & Ladders (counting, taking turns, behavior, fair play)
Connect 4 (math, patterns, taking turns, strategy)
Pair Up! (matching, language, colors)
Alphabet Go Fish (reading, matching, fair play, taking turns, memory)
Let’s Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar (reading, science, counting, STEM)
Feed the Woozle (motor skills, social skills)
Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons (math, counting, estimation)
Daniel Tiger’s Welcome to Main Street (social skills, counting)
Alphabet Slap Jack (reading, letters, memory)
I Spy Preschool (memory, attention, language)

Best Educational Board Games Under $20 for Elementary

All of the preschool games
Sum Swamp (read my review – math, addition, subtraction, taking turns)
Professor Noggin Card Games (history, science)
Mobi Math Tiles (math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
Read My List (cooperation, language)
Planet Earth DVD Puzzle Board Game (science)
Race Across the USA (geography)
Scrambled States of America (civics, history, geography)
Explore the World (geography, world cultures)
Froggy Fractions (math)
Money Bags (math, life skills)
Chemistry Fluxx
Guess Who (language, observation, turn taking)
Qurious Space (science, STEM)

Best Educational Board Games Under $20 for for Middle School

All of the elementary games
Periodic Quest (science)
Bananagrams (reading, spelling)
Play on Words (language, social skills)
Jumanji Travel Edition (language)
Smath (more advanced math)
Really Bad Art the Board Game (thinking skills, fine motor skills)
Monopoly (math, taking turns)
Rubiks Race (patterns, geometry, friendly competition)
Goths Save the Queen (teamwork, social skills, language)
Timeline (many versions covering science, history, and entertainment)
Cardline (science, history)
Payday (math)

Best Educational Board Games Under $20 for High School & Adults

All of the middle school games
Ancient History Go Fish (world history)
Michelangelo (art, logic, strategy)
Brain Games (health, life skills, sciece)
Taboo (language, teamwork, social skills)
Scattergories (language, thinking skills)
Peptide (science, chemistry)
5 Second Rule (thinking skills, speed recall, language)
Cranium (motor skills, language, teamwork)
Code Names (language, social skills, logic)

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Budget Educational Board Games - Gameschooling

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