Books to Keep Kids Busy

My favorite books to keep your kids busy while traveling this summer!

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When I was a kid our travel activities were limited to simple pencil and paper games like tic tac toe, hangman, and dots. Our generation of kids have more options for travel entertainment but nothing beats good old pencil and paper games!


Mister Man, who is 11 now, has never really been into video games or tv shows. He’s much more of a use your hands to use your brain kid. He’s also dysgraphic so anything that gets him using a pencil and paper voluntarily is something I want to use more! In my quest to find him some books that suit his learning style I happened across these amazing Usborne paper game books.

Why do I LOVE Usborne Activity books?

1. They’re affordable
, starting at around $5. You can often find them on sale too!


2. They’re printed on high quality paper. The paper can stand up to an 11 year old dysgrpahic kid, that says a lot!


3. They’re small enough to fit in a travel bag but still manage to cram hundreds of activities in them.


4. No presumption of interests based on gender! Usborne made the step in 2014 to eliminate gender-specific My favorite books to keep your kids busy while traveling this summer!books! Prior to 2014 Usborne had pink activity books for girls, featuring rhymes and writing activities, and blue books featuring robots and STEM activities for boys. There is nothing wrong with either book except that it’s ok for girls to like robots and for boys to like writing. They removed the gender-specific titles and colors but kept the same great activities!


So, whether you’re planning to drive to a summer vacation destination, fly over a school break, or just need something to entertain the kids for a little while so you can make dinner…you’re going to love these


Books to Keep Your Kids Busy

Pencil & Paper Games – This is the game you see in the photos on this post (don’t mind the doodles my toddler drew on the front cover!). It’s full of activities like hangman, dots, treasure map, and code breakers. There are over 100 games, each with a tear-out sheet that makes it easy to share gameplay with a sibling or friend.


Big Dot-to-Dot Pad – My 9 year old LOVES dot-to-dot puzzles but most are too “easy” for him. This book features 30 BIG dot-to-dot puzzles that are fun to do and difficult enough for older kids, without being too frustrating.


1000 Doodles is perfect for kids who love to doodle! Featuring blank pages with ideas, pages with half drawn doodles, and pages with doodle inspiration, your child will spend hours doodling! As a bonus there are 20 full page scenes with doodle hints and ideas!


This is Not a Math Book is my son’s VERY FAVORITE book. Ever. It’s not a math book but it does teach math and other STEM topics through the employment of doodles, puzzles, and paper games. Whether your child is mathphobic or not, this book will teach them mathematical concepts without stressing them out.


Those are just a few of the amazing Usborne Activity Books available! They have activity books for toddlers through middle school, and your kids will enjoy all of them! Click here to see more books in this category!


My favorite books to keep your kids busy while traveling this summer!

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