Birds of Prey: An Ornithology Game of Ruffled Feathers

Birds of Prey, An Ornithology Game of Ruffled Feathers - Gameschooling @

Birds of Prey: An Ornithology Game of Ruffled Feathers


Learn ornithology facts, learn about threats to the bird population, and practice speed math skills when you play Birds of Prey!


Birds of Prey is an ornithology game in which players learn about ornithology & threats to current bird populations while they practice vital speed skills. Players battle their birds in a quest to collect all of the cards, but watch out for MOB! cards (a mob is what a group of birds who are attacking or defending something in a large group is called.)


What does Birds of Prey Ornithology Game contain?

•72 bird play cards, each with unique ornithology facts
•12 MOB! cards with information about threats to bird populations
•12 Customizable cards to make any bird you want! Will your student make a new type of bird or will they choose to make a MOB! card with negative numbers? Only they can decide!


Ages: Recommended age is 8+. Child must be able to recognize numbers 0-12, reading level is a level 6 (beginning of 6th grade) but reading skills aren’t necessary with adult help.

Time: 15-20 minutes

Players: 2+

Birds of Prey makes an excellent quick-play and is perfect for small and large groups.

What do my students learn when they play Birds of Prey?

•72 unique ornithology facts
•The habitat of each bird
•Threats to bird populations & habitats worldwide
•Conservation status of 72 birds
•Speed math drills
•Number comparison
•Good sportsmanship
•Social skills

Ideas to take the learning beyond the original game play

•Create 10 vocabulary words from the cards and have your student highlight them. If a player turns over a card with a vocabulary word they can automatically win the battle if they can tell you the meaning of the word.
•Have players pick a bird to research, when they flip over that card they automatically win if they can tell the other player a new fact about that bird.

•Hang a large map or print out a blackline map of the world. Have the children get ready to flip over their cards. On the count of 3 have the students flip over the card, find the habitat of the bird on the card, and race to the map to point it out.

•Create a number line to compare numbers
•Convert all or some of the numbers into negative numbers
•Print double the cards and have players turn over multiple cards for each battle. Players then have to add or multiply the card numbers to determine their attack power. 
•Create fraction & decimal cards from the blank cards

•Assign body movements to the blank cards

Are there samples I can look at? Where can I purchase Birds of Prey?

You can do both of those things by clicking the bird below or in the Homeschool Gameschool shop.
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Birds of Prey, an Ornithology Game - educational games & gameschooling @

Birds of Prey, an Ornithology Game - educational games & gameschooling @