Best 2 Player Games

Our Favorite 2 Player Games

The Best 2 Player Games We Have Played

Everyone thinks that having a big family automatically means you want games for groups, but that is very incorrect. Many of my favorite games are for 2 players or 2+. 

Frankly, some 2 player game variations stink, but you’re not going to find those here. What you will find is our very favorite 2 player games. These are games designed specifically for 2 players or that have an excellent 2 player game variation. These games have great replayability and range from ages 3 – adult!

Tip: Don’t worry about age ranges too much. Age ranges are mostly arbitrary & don’t mean the game won’t be a good fit.

Our Favorite 2 Player Games

2 Player Games for Ages 3+

While this game is not meant to be a competitive game, Happy Bunny is even more fun when played competitively. Read my full review and learn how to adapt the game.

Ages: 3+
Skills: Memory, counting, comparison
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I lost my curiosity in math around age 8. Why? Because flashcards are booooooring. Thankfully our kids don’t have to learn how to multiply like we did because Dragon Times exists. Read my review.

Ages: 6+
Skills: Multiplication, division, prime numbers, patience
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Attila is a strategy game loosely based on the conquests of Attila the Hun. It’s played a little like chess but with fewer rules to remember. Read my review.

Ages: 7+
Skills: Strategy, critical thinking
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Games for 8+

The theme of Lost Cities Card Game is to assemble an expedition to find ancient artifacts and relics. Along the way you’ll find adventure and beautiful art. Read my full review.

Ages: 10+
Skills: Number sense, strategy
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Spirits of the Wild is a soothing card/board game that is wonderful for kids to play during quiet time or when they need to calm down. Read a mini review.

Ages: 10+
Skills: Memory, attention, memory, fine motor control, reading
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Sonar is like Battleship, but better. You play along the same principles but you also get to move your subs, hide them, etc. It comes with quite a few maps so the game is always different.

Ages: 8+
Skills: Prediction, strategy, dysgraphia
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Games for Teens & Adults

Take a trip to ancient Greece by using gods & goddesses to help you build the first complete building. Sounds pretty great, right? Just hope your opponent doesn’t get the Athena card, that’s all I’m saying. Santorini is a favorite game with our teens.

Ags: 8+
Skills: Strategy, prediction, fine motor control
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Codenames is a word & spy game. It’s pretty great, you have to identify 15 secret agents, without harming any bystanders. Duet is the two person version of Codenames. It’s a standalone game but can be used as an expansion to Codenames.

Ages: 11+
Skills: Language arts
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Based on the video game of the same name, Plague Inc. is a game of infection and evolution. You start by infecting a country with the goal of infection the world before a cure is discovered.

Ages: 14+
Skills: biology, strategy, cooperation
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