Aquarelle Monet Review

Aquarelle Monet Watercolours Made Easy


I am not an artist and admittedly, I don’t know much about art or famous artists. While I learn along with the kids, not knowing much about art means it often takes a back seat in our studies. That really bothers me, I really want my kids to have a good foundation in the arts balanced with my inexperience and our limited time.

Disclaimer: I received this kit at no charge to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Aquarelle Monet Watercolour Made Easy



Watercolours Made Easy Aquarelle Monet Art Kid

The Ravensburger Aquarelle Monet Art Kit (part of the Watercolours Made Easy set) is here to help save the day, complete with three pictures on high-quality paper, four bottles of water color to mix, a mixing tray, a pipette, a medicine dropper (ours didn’t work very well though, the pipette was much more useable!), a double-ended paintbrush, instructions, and a color mixing guide.


Aquarelle Monet Watercolours Made Easy


Here’s what I love about this kit. Look at the paper, it already has an outline of the major features of a famous piece by Monet. The white lines (they’re actually a very faint silver) are meant to be a guideline, your child doesn’t have to have Monet’s skills to be introduced to his art and recreate it! It’s all about fun and relaxation!




Aquarelle Monet Watercolours Made EasyMy impressions: This kit was really easy to complete, which was perfect for someone like me who just wants to expose the kids to the very basics of watercolour while we explore art. A child already skilled in watercolor techniques would likely enjoy this kit very much. The provided outline was really helpful and while my painting (the one with the bridge) looks nothing like the original, I enjoyed completing it. Being totally honest, I was frustrated at first because I had no idea how to paint with watercolors and the instructions in the book were very limited. Eventually I decided that it doesn’t have to be perfect and to just relax. My son and husband didn’t have nearly as many hang-ups as I did, they literally jumped right in and started painting.



From the Timberdoodle website:

Who is Monet and Why Do His Paintings Matter?
Claude Monet was one of the key founders of French Impressionistic painting. He is easily one of the most famous painters of the past thousand years, with some of the most widely-recognizable work. His art is often centered on the French countryside, where he might paint the same scene multiple times in different seasons or varied hours of the day. This enabled him to observe and replicate the effect different lighting had on the colors of the landscape. Many of his final and most famous pieces feature the water lilies in Giverny. Your student will get to replicate with watercolor paint three images from Monet’s series of water lilies paintings.



Aquarelle Monet Watercolour Made Easy

My family had a lot of fun with this kit. The quality of the supplies is great, the ease of use is great as well. We weren’t overburdened with complex lessons or instructions. With this kit you’re given the basics of how to use watercolors and sent off to explore the world of Claude Monet.


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Worldview: secular

Ages: all

Parental involvement: recommended but not necessary for older children


Aquarelle Monet Watercolours Made Easy