Andy Warhol Art Project

Introduce your children to the art of Andy Warhol with this Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids

Introduce your child to one of the most famous artists of the modern era with this Andy Warhol art project!


When one grows up in the shadow of Pittsburgh, PA one has certain things ingrained into their heads early in life: Steelers. Pirates. Penguins. Iron City. Andy Warhol. It’s inevitable that eventually most kids who grow up in western PA will visit the Andy Warhol Museum, a bastian of creativity and all that makes Pittsburgh unique. My first visit was for a school trip my sophomore or junior year in high school, followed by several in my early adult years.


In the event you don’t know who Andy Warhol was:

Andy Warhol was an American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture, and advertisement that flourished by the 1960s. (Wikipedia)


Andy Warhol is most known for his works featuring bright, contrasting colors (you can see some of his more famous works here).


In my quest to provide more art instruction this year, I’ve been attempting to introduce the children to a new artist every 6 weeks or so. I decided to introduce the kids to Andy Warhol earlier this summer, and while they didn’t find his artwork as fascinating as I do, it did give us one of the coolest (and simplest!) art projects we’ve done.


Introduce your kids to the art of Andy Warhol with this easy Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids

Andy Warhol Art Project For Kids

In this project we’re going to recreate one of Warhol’s more famous techniques, a portrait done in contrasting colors and repeated.


To complete this project you will need:
-printer (I love this affordable Brother model!)

-paper (any will do but I’m partial to using card stock)

-camera (I used my iPhone camera)

-photo editing software or app (I used the free Sketch Me! app)

markers or paint

-black marker (Sharpies work the best but any will do!)



Step One:

The first step in making your Andy Warhol art project is to take a close up photo of your face. When you have a photo you like run it through your editing app or software and turn it into a pencil sketch. (You can also do this on websites such as Photofunia and PicMonkey)


Step Two:
Print your the sketched photo, if possible set the ink quality to the lowest setting so it’s as light as it can be.


Step Three:
Use a black marker to trace the major lines in the sketch. You don’t want to trace every single line, just enough to define the facial features.


Step Four:
Fill in the blank areas with solid colors using markers or paint. You can use a color wheel to find contrasting colors, or just use what looks good to you.


And that’s it! An easy, Andy Warhol art project for kids (and adults!) I hope you have fun, and I would love to see your projects! Feel free to comment below or join us on the Facebook page, or in the Facebook Group, to show us!

Introduce your kids to the art of Andy Warhol with this Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids


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