Amazon Prime Day 2019 Gameschooling & Homeschooling Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Gameschooling Deals

Are you ready for PRIME DAY 2019??? I am! I’m going to be up ridiculously late in the evening of July 15th and up ridiculously early July 16 to bring you all of the deals. Yes, you read that right. I am sacrificing my sleep to bring you deals. That’s just what you do for people you love.

Here’s What You Need to do BEFORE Prime Day

1. Become a Prime member! If you aren’t, here are some links to get you started:
Families – Click here to join Amazon Prime (FREE for 30 days!)
Discounted membership for those who qualify – Click here for the reduced price membership
College students – Click here for a FREE 6 month membership to Prime

2. Sign up for notifications!
Live Deal Notifications – Follow Homeschool Gameschool on Facebook
More Notifications – You can also join the Gameschooling group on Facebook for notifications


Gameschooling Deals We Already Know About

All deals subject to change. This is by no means a complete list, we’ll find a whole lot more on July 15/16.
Keep in mind that many of these deals will not be live until July 15/16.

Tip: Sometimes Prime Day deals don’t beat board game day or other sale prices. You can use the free website CamelCamelCamel to check Prime Day prices against other sale prices. And don’t forget to check your Deal of the Day page for daily deals on electronics, board games, and books!

Deals that are Already Live

Echo Dot 3rd Gen $24.99 (link)
Echo 2nd Gen $69.99 (link)

Deals on Echo, Kindles, Kindle Services, Audible, & Prime Video

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader $79 (link)
Fire TV Stick w/Voice Remote $19.99 (link)
Kindle Fire 7 $29.99 (link)
Kindle Fire 8 $39.99 (link)
Kindle Fire 10 $89.99 (link)
Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Version $79.99 (link)
Kindle Fire 7 Kids Version $59.99 (link)
Audible 3 months $4.95/month (link)
Music Unlimited 4 months $.99/month (link)
Up to 30% off Amazon Brand Products (including school supplies – link)
Up to 50% off Prime Video titles/DVDs/Blurays (link)
Kindle Unlimited 3 months for $.99 (link)
Echo Input $14.99 (add Alexa to any wireless speaker – link)
Twitch Free In-Game Loot (link)


Deals on Board Games, Toys, Puzzles

We don’t know exactly which games will be on sale yet, but in the past we’ve seen deals of up to 60% off from some big companies. I will update as information becomes available.
General Board Games Link
Prime Day Game & Toy Launches

Deals on School Supplies/Amazon Basics

Crayola Take Note (Colorful pens for art & journaling, link)
Wide-Ruled Notebooks (link)
College-Ruled Notebooks (link)
Pencils (Yes, they’re as good as Ticonderoga, link)
Art-quality colored pencils (link)
Batteries (link)
General Amazonbasics items (up to 40% off, link)


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