75 Totally FREE Board Games to Print & Play

75 Totally Free Board Games

75 Totally Free Board Games to Print & Play

75 Totally Free Board Games

New board games are always fun & can turn the day from bleh to a blast! Adding games to your shelf is not always affordable–fear not! The truth is that you don’t need a lot of money to play a new board game, just a few office supplies.

Lucky for you, I’ve already compiled a list of 75 FREE Board Games for you!

•Printer w/ink (color usually optional)
•Paper (I prefer card stock)
Glue sticks
File folders or poster board for backing
Laminator (optional, works great with copy paper)
•Game protection and storage. Paper games won’t last forever, but these 2.5 gallon zipper bags will help keep everything in place and have saved my butt more than once.

Other storage options include school folders, cereal boxes, packing tape for temporary lamination, and game boxes scavenged from games with missing pieces, and these inexpensive art portfolios.

Tips for using this list

The list below is organized by age, subject/skill, and type of game.

Easily find a game by specific factors by clicking the arrow at the top of any column.

Note: All of these games were free at the time of publication. I will update periodically.

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