5 Reasons To Use A Boogie Board in Homeschooling

5 Reasons to use a Boogie Board in your homeschool

If someone asked me what one tool made the biggest difference in our homeschooling I’d gladly tell them “The Boogie Board!”

Next they’d ask me “You mean the thing you take to the beach?” No, no. Let me show you…

Using a Boogie Board in Homeschooling

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A Boogie Board is a super cool LCD writing screen. It costs under $30 and has made all the difference in my son’s education, so much that I think his younger brother will be getting one for Christmas too! It’s a fantastic alternative to paper and let me tell you why:

1. A Boogie Board is a great alternative to pencil & paper for reluctant writers
My son struggles greatly with dysgraphia. Writing on paper causes tears and pain. Writing is a major stumbling block in his education, or it was until I discovered the Boogie Board. The Boogie Board is fun to write on and if you make a mistake you press a button and it’s gone. In 8 months my son has gone from no writing to writing on the Boogie Board to writing a daily journal entry.

2. It makes math problems fun
Do you have a child who struggles with math? Do you have a perfectionist who will erase holes in the paper and then feel bad because they made a mistake? I have no idea what that’s like! I know exactly what that’s like!

When a child uses the Boogie Board for their math the intimidation of working out a problem in a workbook is gone. They have a much bigger writing space and if they make a mistake, poof! It’s gone at the push of a button.

5 Reasons to use a Boogie Board in your homeschool 5 Reasons to use a Boogie Board in your homeschool 5 Reasons to use a Boogie Board in your homeschool

3. It’s portable
My son brings his Boogie Board on long trips. He can draw on it, write notes to others on it, play travel games…The Boogie Board weighs just a few ounces, making it the perfect travel companion!

4. It’s inexpensive
There are several versions of the Boogie Board, with the base model (the one we have) starting at around $25. If your child breaks a $25 LCD writing tablet you won’t cry as much as you would if they dropped a $400 iPad (really, I have no idea how much iPads cost, I’m just guessing there)

5. The Boogie Board is durable
I can tell you from experience that if your Boogie Board is dropped onto a tile floor it’ll be ok. Now, it’s not indestructable. If your baby, for instance, grabs it and bites the corner there will forever be a bunch of dots in the corner…however, it’s pretty durable and will stand up to use from most kids.

So there you have it, 5 reasons to use a Boogie Board in your homeschooling. Now tell me! Do you have any unusual writing tools or paper alternatives that you use?

**This review was not solicited or sponsored. This is an item I purchased for our homeschooling and decided to review*

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