5 Reasons to Stop Now & Play Read my List

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary game in order to facilitate my review. As always, all opinions are my own and a positive review is not guaranteed.

Read My List Educational Game Review

The days are getting hot (and rainy!), which means it’s the time of year when I’m forced to either find some new, quiet (!!) things for the kids to do inside or watch some horrible cartoon that the kids find amusing but only makes me want to gouge my brain out with a plastic spork.

And no, I’m not being dramatic.

Read my List by Educational Insights is the kind of game I love, and I think you will too. Why?

1. Read my List can be played regardless of how much time you have available.
Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, Read my List will hold your children’s attention. For longer games you can keep score, but if you’re in a hurry you can skip scoring altogether.

2. Read my List doesn’t take up much room in the game closet.
This may not be a big deal for some people but it’s HUGE to me. I have one shelf in my tiny house dedicated to keeping our games safe from curious toddlers, and we have A LOT of games. Read my List is stored in a durable box that measures 6.5″ tall, 3″ wide, 3″ deep and is easy to tuck into the limited space we have.

3. This is a great game to build teamwork skills!
While the game needs a minimum of 3 players to play with scoring, we like to play it in teams. Before answering a team will have to confer and decide which answer is the most relevant.

4. This is a great game to take on the road.
The storage box is small and durable, the cards are reinforced with a plasticized coating, and there are no extra pieces to lose in the seat cushions.

5. It’s a great logic & critical thinking game for kids of all ages.
I really like games that encourage my kids to think differently, and this game earns 5 stars for thinking skills. The cards present players with one of three types of challenges, in two skill levels.

List: One player reads a list and the other players have to add three items. Example: punch, cold, chocolate milk, lemonade, hot chocolate, grapefruit juice, water (possible answers: milk, apple juice, coffee)

Name the Category: A player reads the items listed and the other players determine the category to which they belong.Example: onion, gold, Olympic, engagement, boxing, promise, around the rosy, diamond, Super Bowl, Saturn’s (answer: types of rings)

Lightning Round: Players take turns naming items that fall into this category.

If those aren’t good enough reasons to buy this game let me give you one more: It’s just plain fun!

Read My List Educational Game Review
Read My List Educational Game Review Read My List Educational Game Review

Website: http://www.educationalinsights.com/
Reading Level: morderate
Skills covered: Critical thinking, teamwork
Worldview: Secular
Cost: $15

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