5 Netflix Documentaries for Teens

5 Documentaries for Your Teen to Watch on Netflix




Documentaries are a powerful tool in the homeschooler’s arsenal, and Netflix has plenty of them available for streaming. It was nearly impossible to narrow my teen’s favorite documentaries down to just 5, so expect this post to become a series. In the meantime, here is a list of our favorite 5 documentaries for your teen to watch on Netflix!


5 Documentaries for Teens to Watch on Netflix

Disclaimer: These videos were available to stream on Netflix USA at the time of this post. I recommend visiting JustWatch to learn if they are streaming on other platforms. This post contains affiliate links.

A Documentary For Art

Da Vinci: The Lost Treasure
In this documentary journalist Fiona Bruce travels around the world to learn about the world of one of the most famous artists to ever have lived, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Click here to see the IMDB Page for The Lost Treasure

Take a virtual tour of the Da Vinci Museum in Florence, Italy

Learn about Da Vinci with this biography by Walter Isaacson.


A Documentary For Science

Round Planet
Documentaries don’t have to be boring, as Round Planet from the BBC shows us. What happens when you combine a comedian/actor and natural history? You get Round Planet! Round Planet features Armstrong Wedgewood, a natural history expert, played by comedian/actor Matt Lucas. Yes, you will learn when you watch this show, you’ll also laugh.

Round Planet is brought to you by the same people who made Planet Earth, so you know it’s got to be good!

Did you know there is a board game based on Planet Earth? There is, and it’s fantastic!



A Documentary for Math

Saving Capitalism
Is our country really based on capitalism? Is capitalism in danger? Should we save capitalism and how? Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, talks to people around the United States to find out how capitalism is faring and how our citizens are being affected by the current economy.

IMDB page for Saving Capitalism

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A Documentary for History

The Great Human Odyssey
This documentary is a close-up look at the origins of human life, our evolution, and our migration across the planet.

IMDB page for The Great Human Odyssey

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A Documentary for Fun

Hip-Hop Evolution
This documentary features the DJs, MCs, and musicians that founded and evolved hip-hop. Follow along on this 30 year journey with names you know, and some you probably don’t.

IMDB page for Hip-Hop Evolution

Visit the Common Sense Media page for Hip-Hop Evolution

Why not make this movie part of a music history course? Add in this great book about the history of music and you’re off to a great start!

5 Documentaries for Your Teen to Watch on Netflix