2016 Kids to Parks Day is May 21

2016 Kids to Parks Day


It’s been proven time and time again that children need to get outside. Kids today have a lot to face, and getting outside is good for their bodies and soul (and yours too!) In honor of the 6th Annual Kids to Parks Day, held on May 21, 2016, I give you:

6 Really Great Reasons to Take Your Kids to National, State, and Local Parks!


1. Taking Your Kids to the Parks is Economical!
While admission for a family usually runs around $8 or less per person, there are deals to be had! My large family takes advantage of the America the Beautiful Annual Pass

What’s even better? Military families, disabled United States residents, and families with 4th graders qualify for FREE annual passes! Seniors (anyone over 62) can buy an annual pass for just $10! There are also several FREE ADMISSION DAYS every year!


2. Kids learn better when they have outdoor time.

Kids who spend a lot of time in green spaces show increased creativity, higher levels of concentration, and less stress than their peers who aren’t exposed to frequent nature time. Source.


3. Our National Parks are staffed by rangers and volunteers who are experts in their field.

Rangers and volunteers go through extensive education programs and they are passionate about their careers. While the rangers can keep you safe, teach you facts, and answer lots of questions, the volunteers will take you and your children back in time and give you a chance to see life in another era up close.


4. The Parks are kid (and adult!) friendly!

It’s hard to find something that everyone in the family will enjoy, and National Parks fit the bill! From the youngest infant to the patriarch of the family, everyone will find something to enjoy in the national parks. National Parks offer lots of recreational activities, historical experiences, animal viewing, hiking for all abilities, and more!


5. Create memories they’ll never forget!

I was 16 when my grandmother took me to Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska and Mendenhall Glacier (a US National Forest). I’m 40 now but I remember everything about the days we spent there. I remember white water rafting (if bucket lists had been a thing back then white water rafting would have been on mine!), our tour guide was called Spike. I remember Spike pulling the raft over onto some rocks and lugging out a cooler, I tried reindeer sausage and salmon jerky for the first time that day. I saw a whale in the wild for the first (and so far, only) time in my life! I remember being the first in the group to spot a bald eagle. I remember how much fun my grandmother and I had, and it helped me get through my grief when she passed away. I’ll never, ever forget that trip and that’s what I want my kids to remember about our park experiences.


6. There is a park for everyone!

Whether you enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, bird watching, or swimming in natural water…there is a park for you! Our park is Fort Vancouver, we love the immense outdoor spaces and learning about Pacific Northwest history. Which park will be yours?



Pledge to take your kids to the park on May 21, 2016! Not only will your kids enjoy the day out, you’ll be entered to win some great prizes, including a Baby Bjorn carrier! Click here now to register!


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2016 Kids to Parks Day

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