20 Under $20 – Great Educational Gifts for Kids

20 gifts for kids under $2020 under $20: Twenty Great Educational Gifts for Kids

When it comes to gifts for kids there is always that balancing game; want vs need, stuff vs experiences. Add in being on a budget and that balance gets even more precarious. These 20 gift ideas are all excellent choices for the kid that seems to have it all. 20 great gift ideas under $20!

Disclaimers: Please note that as of the time of publication these gift ideas were all under $20. There are affiliate links in this post, thank you!

Educational Gifts Under $20



1. Glow ‘n Grow Terrarium Kit – We got this kit for our grandson a few years back, and it’s just so cute! Your kids can plant their own terrarium, complete with cure figurines and glow-in-the-dark stickers. Bonus: You can eat what you plant!


2. Stomp Rockets Extreme – Kids LOVE rockets and Stomp Rockets are just so much fun. This extreme kit comes with six rockets, plenty of fun for the whole family.


3. Binoculars – Kids love discovering things, and binoculars are a perfect gift! These Scotamalone binoculars are shock proof so you don’t have to worry about them being dropped. They come with a carrying case, too!


4. Learn to Tell Time Watch – “What time is it?”, do you hear that question all the time? Me too. With this watch, which comes in many different colors and patterns, your kids can learn to tell time on their own! Pretty soon you’ll be asking your kid what time it is!


5. Kanoodle – One of my teen son’s favorite games is Kanoodle, a one-player puzzle game -slash- fidget toy. It’s quite a challenging puzzle too, it’ll keep your kid busy for hours.


6. Prismacolor Pencils – Perfect for any budding artist, you cannot beat Prismacolor quality (and price!) These colored pencils are great for beginners and skilled artists.


7. Illuminet Flashlight – Waterproof, drop proof, and glow in the dark! This flashlight will scare away the monsters under the bed and help you find your keys in the event of a power outage.


8. CozyPhones – Not only are these headphones comfortable, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing they’re also volume-controlled.  The perfect match for those tablets and smartphones.


9. Dover Coloring Books – If your kid likes to color, they’ll love the Dover coloring book line! Featuring accurate historical & scientific representations, your child will learn as they color.


10. Lego Creator Robo Explorer – Kids love LEGO and kids love robots; put the two together and you have a fun toy! This LEGO kit allows your child’s imagination to run wild and build three different robot friends.


11. Geared Up Gadgets Science Kit – I love Thames & Kosmos games, but they also make science kits like the Geared Up Gadgets Science Kit. And the best part? No batteries required.


12. Q&A a Day Guided Journal – Perfect for natural and reluctant writers alike, this guided journal won’t break the bank, and it won’t cause any tears in your child either.


13. WikkiStix Traveler Kit – I love craft kits that are self containing, and this one is a winner. WikkiStix are so much fun and they can be used for a million different things.


14. Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Kit – Kids love LEGO, and this kit takes that love to a new level. Your child will learn all about the physics of chain reactions with this reasonably-priced kit that comes with all the LEGO your child needs.


15. Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection – Who wouldn’t want 152 new crayons? And bonus, free new crayon smell in every box.


16. Supersize Mad Libs – Nothing makes the kids giggle quite like Mad Libs, and this giant book of 5 Mad Lib books has nothing but giggles in store.


17. Lite-Brite Ultimate – Bring back your childhood memories and create some with your kids with this awesome Lite-Brite Ultimate kit!


18. Rainbow Loom – This artistic kit was all the rage a few years ago, and it’s still a really great gift idea! My son loved his when he was 11, he made jewelry and trinkets and pencil toppers…the ideas are endless.


19. Master Chef Kids – This knife and cutting board set will help you teach your children the vital skill of cooking AND keep their little fingers safe from cuts!


20. Adventure Kidz Camping Set – When my teens were little they loved watching survival shows and made their own show, Survival Kids. This would have been right up their alley, I kind of wish they were still little so I could get this for them!