10 Word Games for Middle School

word games for middle schoolers ages 10-15

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Middle schoolers, or roughly ages 12-15, can be a tough crowd. They want to be grown up but they still want to play like a little kid. Games are the perfect tool for reaching kids of this age, and it just so happens that games are an excellent way to reinforce the things they’re learning in school in a fun way. Not only that, but games are a great way to connect with your child, and let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not easy to connect with a child of this age.


Middle schoolers are really starting to come into their own and by now most will have a good grasp of language. You can help them broaden their horizons and think logically by introducing some of these word games into your homeschooling and family game nights.

Word Games for Middle School ages 12-15

Word Games for Middle School

Typecrush is a unique and challenging word game! The idea behind Typecrush is letter frequency. Some letters appear more in English words than others; for instance, you’re much more likely to see an L in this post than a Q. Typecrush takes the principle of letter frequency and turns it into a fun word guessing game.


Quiddler is a MENSA-recommended game that is extra fun for middle schoolers as it can be played in groups of up to eight!


Bananagrams is played like a traditional word game we all know, but it’s extra fun because there are no complicated scores to calculate. Whoever runs out of tiles first, wins!


Word on the Street is a wonderful game that can be played with 2-8 players, making it perfect for game nights and sleepovers! Kids work together to move the cards from one side of the “street” to the other by creating and playing new words.


Super Big Boggle is Boggle, but super and big! Extra letter blocks make this familiar game even more challenging!


Wordical is a great game that combines a dice game with a card game! Create the highest scoring word to win the round!


Word Snag is a fast-paced game of similarities! Your kids will learn critical and quick thinking skills while having a blast!


Play on Words is unique in that it can be played alone or in a group! It’s like Uno meets Scrabble, and it’s a whole lot of fun!


Dabble is another great game suitable for larger groups or team play! You and your kids will race to see who can build their word pyramid first!


Synonyms is a newer arrival to the word game world, combining the facets of popular logic and speed games. Your kids will learn words they never knew existed, and have fun doing so!

Word Games for Middle Schoolers ages 10-15

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