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YouScience Review :  Major, College, & Career Exploration
Disclaimer: My child & I received a complimentary membership to this product in order to facilitate our review. A positive review was not guaranteed.

Choosing a college major and career path is tough! Did you know that 80% of college students change their major at least once? Not only that,the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average person changes careers five times in their life! FIVE TIMES!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was some kind of test that we could take that would help us determine what major and career we’re fit for? Well, there is, and we got a chance to test it out! YouScience is a nifty website! Not only does it help you narrow down a field of study, it gives you all sorts of insights into your strengths and natural skills. Perhaps the coolest part isn’t even the picking of the major and career, it’s that YouScience tells you how much schooling is needed, what the average salary is, and even helps you find a college that specializes in the field!

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YouScience Review

Emerson (The Artist!) just turned 17 and is currently in his JunSen year (that means he’s 1 semester ahead of his junior year and will likely graduate 1 semester earlier than his peers). He’s had a taste of college life with dual enrollment in the local state college too, so when I asked him to try out YouScience and write a review he jumped at the chance! What follows are his opinions.

Emerson didn’t really want to share much about his results as they are personal, but he included a screenshot so you can see what to expect. Emerson felt that the results were very insightful. He is now considering a career path that he hadn’t even considered before and he’s pretty excited about it!

YouScience Review by Emerson

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Future education and careers can be a pretty intimidating topic to tackle, especially for young adults. There can be a lot of uncertainty involved and is often thought to be a difficult-to-talk-about topic but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Programs like YouScience can help set any young adult on a confident path to finding the right career and education choice for them. YouScience uses a system that, through a series of video game-esque exercises, can provide you with an intersection of things you enjoy, things you are naturally good at, and career opportunities.

After signing up and filling in a little bit of information about yourself and your future plan, like how far in your education you want to go and what you want to major in, you can be set on your way. I’ll be honest, I was not exactly sure what I was expecting when I got into this but the results were definitely pleasing.

YouScience Review : Choosing a Major & Career Exploration

When you first start out you are presented with a series of exercises right off the bat, all categorized in sessions. Each activity also provides an estimated time for completion, definitely a handy tool if you like to manage your time. The activities are all timed but are not presented in a manner that makes them stressful to complete. Each interactive challenge is unique, providing accurate results as well as an enjoyable environment. I especially liked the color palette they chose to use: Light calming colors that are aesthetically pleasing.

The website’s formatting is very user-friendly, making it easy to find your way around and all while not scaring you off. It’s pretty easy to figure out what you are doing even with no direction beforehand, it’s pretty fool-proof. Before each individual assessment you are given clear instructions on what you have to do and you are also given a small handful of practice questions to complete, to make sure you know what you are getting into.

YouScience Review : Choosing a Major & Career Exploration

It doesn’t take more than a day to finish the core assessments depending on your personal pacing, though I spaced it out over the course of two days. The first day was mainly for getting use to the layout and setting up while the second was for getting down to work. At the end of it all what do you get? A congratulations notice & a little bit of waiting before you can get your carefully calculated results, after all it takes time to sift through all the answers to provide the most accurate information avaliable. I have to admit the waiting was hard, I was definitely eager to see what results I got. Once the waiting begins you are presented with optional activities you can complete, like visual amplifiers and practical amplifiers, to help discover more about yourself.

To complete the activities provided you have to place yourself in a quiet atmosphere, free of any distraction. It’s best to turn off your phone as well, for the best results and concentration. Though some of the activities could get tedious, it was enjoyable to complete- My favorite parts being the visual memory activities.

YouScience Review : Choosing a Major & Career Exploration YouScience Review : Choosing a Major & Career Exploration YouScience Review : Choosing a Major & Career Exploration

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