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In our 13 years of homeschooling no subject has been “changed up” more than math. Each of my children has a different learning style and different needs. Unfortunately it seems as if we’ve found more programs that don’t work for us than do.

For the elementary years this isn’t a huge deal but when it came to Algebra it became a huge deal, and fast! We attempted to use 3 homeschool programs for Algebra, and then we tried the public school option. None of these programs worked, my child didn’t understand algebra and failed her public school course.

Out of pure desperation I signed up for a free trial of Algebra 1 through A+TutorSoft and I am so glad I did. All of a sudden Algebra made sense to my child, and to me! I’ll never look for another algebra program again!

Here’s what I LOVE about A+TutorSoft:

-The lessons are short, what I call micro-lessons. Each lasts about 5 minutes and deals with only one concept. This is perfect for children with ADHD, dyscalclia or those who are convinced they hate math!

-The lessons are followed by an online review.

-This curriculum is truly multi-sensory! You see, hear & interact with the lesson and then you follow it up with a short written assignment.

-The online review and worksheets are self-correcting, that is, if the student answers incorrectly the program tells them why the answer was wrong and walks them through the steps again!

-It’s affordable! You can decide if you need a year or just a few months of access. You can buy a disc to use with future children!

-The online version allows up to 5 students to take the same course at the same time, and it will keep track of each student individually! The online curriculum takes care of all the record-keeping for you! This is perfect for us as I currently have two teens taking the class, and I’m taking it too!

So, what are you waiting for? You can visit A+TutorSoft today to take a math placement test and sign up for a free 4 week trial.

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