Wigwam Craft

Mister Man recently watched a show about American History on PlayAway View. Have you seen those? They’re these neat little portable video players carried by libraries pre-programmed with educational programming or animated books. They’re super neat.

Mister Man watched American History: Things You Should Know and was fascinated with the section on native peoples of the Americas. He asked if we could make a wigwam. Now, I’m not very crafty but how could I say no?

To make our wigwam we used:
a thin, empty box
a stapler
liquid school glue
brown construction paper

I cut a long strip from the box and stapled it together at the ends. I cut some shorter strips from the box and stapled them to make the sides and roof, as shown in the photo below.


We cut a door out. If you’re going for authenticity you want to cut a small hole out of the top too as this is where the smoke from the fire would escape, but I was worried about out structural integrity so we just talked about why there should be a hole there:


Then we tore the brown construction paper into small bits and glued them onto the frame. When the frame was mostly covered we squeezed glue into our hands and gently pressed down the paper. Let the wigwam dry.

Mister Man decided to use hot glue to attach his to a piece of green construction paper “grass”.


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