The Great Sunscreen Experiment - Sunscreen reviews, homeschool science experiment
This simple homeschool science experiment get kids excited about two very important things: Science & wearing sunscreen!¬†Sunscreen! Parents love it because it protects us from harmful skin damage; Kids hate it because it can sting and burn and it’s not fun to wait while it’s applied. How does sunscreen work? […]

The Great Sunscreen Experiment

AmScope Microscope review for homeschool
  The Best Homeschool Microscope Picking the perfect microscope for your homeschooling needs can be overwhelming. I think I’ve found the perfect microscope though, and I can’t wait to share my find with you! There are affiliate links in this post, see footnote for more info.   WHY DO HOMESCHOOLERS […]

The Very Best Homeschool Microscope

Shark Week Resources Unit Study
  It’s that time of year again! SHARK WEEK! Now is the perfect time to introduce your children to sharks using these books, videos, virtual experiences, and hands-on activities! Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. Every click and link, while not obligatory, helps fuel our book & game […]

Shark Week 2016 Resources