Streaming Media for Story of the World, Volume 1

*2018 UPDATE*

Please note that Story of the World is not a secular-safe option. SOTW shows a definite religious bias, specifically a Christian bias. Examples of this bias include use of offensive words to describe non-Christians and the retelling of the story of Exodus and the birth of Jesus as fact. This post remains for archival reasons. Thanks, Meg


My children love anything hands-on, which is why we’ve chosen to use Story of the World for history. We do the program a little differently though, taking 2 years to finish one volume rather than 1, making it more of an extended unit study.

We follow along with the book and activity guide but we add in books and television. We depend on streaming media for our television so I decided to make a list of streaming media that corresponds with the chapters in SOTW.

This list is a work-in-progress and will be updated frequently.

As what I allow my children to watch may differ from what you allow your children to watch PRESCREENING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

While none of these videos are graphic some do describe actions that one might consider barbaric. History is pretty gruesome at times. Again, prescreening is recommended.

Please note that I have shortened the longer links using, don’t be afraid to click on those links! Included in these links are videos streaming at YouTube, PBS Learning Media* and Netflix.

*PBS Learning Media is a free service available to educators nationwide through Georgia Public Broadcasting. Visit the link to sign-up

Kid Archaeology –
The Garbage of Everyday Life –
What is Archaeology? –

Chapter 1 – The Earliest People
Life Before Farming –
The History of the Fertile Crescent & The Rise of Civilization –
Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Netflix)
Walking with Cavemen (Netflix)

Chapter 2 – Egyptians Lived on the Nile River
The History of Ancient Egypt –

Chapter 3 – The First Writing
Mesopotamia & the Rise of Sumar –
The Empires of Mesopotamia –

Chapter 4 – The Old Kingdom of Egypt
Archaeology –
Mummies –
The Story of the Egyptian Gods –
Tunnels of the Great Pyramids –

Chapter 5 – The First Sumerian Dictator
The History & Achievements of the Sumerians –

Chapter 6 – The Jewish People
The Story of Judaism –

Chapter 7 – Hammurabi & the Babylonians
Babylon’s Hanging Gardens –
Turning Points in History –

Chapter 8 – The Assyrians
The Assyrians, Masters of War –
The Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs, part 1 –
The Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs, part 2 –
The Epic of Gilgamesh, An Animation –

Chapter 9 – The First Cities of India
Indus Valley Civilization –
Mohenjo-Daro Today –

Chapter 10 – The Far East, Ancient China
China’s Terra Cotta Warriors –
The History of Silk (this is actually a Pottery Barn commerical but there is good in the first half) –
Lost Civilizations: History of Ancient China –

Chapter 11 – Ancient Africa
Horrible Histories: Trading Timbuktu –
Ananasi & the Turtle –
Ananasi & the Turtle Go to Dinner –
The History of Timbuktu –

Chapter 12 – The Middle Kingdom of Egypt
Egypt’s Might Empire –
A Hyksos Plot to Crush Egypt –

Chapter 13 – The New Kingdom of Egypt
Queen Pharaoh –
Hatshepsut –
Amenhotep IV –
King Tut’s Final Secrets –

Chapter 14 – The Israelites Leave Egypt
The Story of Moses (Biblical retelling)
The Story of the Exodus (not a Biblical retelling) –

Chapter 15 – The Phoenicians
Who Were the Phoenicians –
Sailing with the Phoenicians –
Engineering an Empire- Carthage –

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