Spelling Bee App Game Review – by TicTapTech

“Mom! How do you spell the word fire?”

“Mom! Is water spelled ‘wator’?”

“Mom! Can you spell jump for me?”

Spelling. Ugh. The bane of my existence, especially with Mister Man. You see, Mister Man has a spelling program and he does quite well with it, until the next lesson that is. I swear that he finishes a week of lessons and immediately pushes those words out of his brain to make room for the new words.

Spelling Bee App Review

The truth is that all of the word writing in the world isn’t going to help Mister Man become a better speller, it’s just not his thing. I turned to technology for some help and I found this neat app called Spelling Bee by TicTapTech.

Mister Man loves this app and it has really helped his spelling. Even though he was 8 when I purchased this app I started him on level 1, which is the very beginning.

Spelling Bee gives you the option to use pre-programmed words (over 850 of them!) or you can use your own words (perfect for review or to supplement your current program!)

With this app your child can complete the following games to earn badges:

Alpha “Bee” tize – Your child selects and slides words into alphabetical order
spelling bee app

Spelling Swarm – Find & pick the letters to spell your word

Honeycomb Scramble – unscramble the spelling words

Spelling Bee – Your child types the word

-Parents can keep track of their child’s progress in the history window!
-Spelling Bee allows for an unlimited number of profiles
-If you have an AppleTv you can airplay the app to your television for larger play

The Spelling Bee App by TipTapTech is a real w-i-n-n-e-r in our book!

Price: $1.99
Platform: iPhone & iPad
Number of players: 1 at a time, unlimited number of users
Recommended ages: 5 – 11
Reading level required: beginning
Company website: http://www.tictaptech.net/apps/SpellingBee/


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