RecycleBall: A simple game made from trash

RecycleBall, a game made from trash

Have you ever had one of THOSE days? The kind where you have something to do and you need to keep the kids safely occupied for a few minutes?

Yeah me too, all of the time.

Hubby and the kids raided the trash yesterday and came up with this game originally named “TrashBall”. After showing the game to their friends the kids decided to rename it something more appealing, RecycleBall.

RecycleBall, a game made from trash

You need:

Two jugs
masking tape
a small, lightweight ball (or a wad of foil, which is what we used)

Turn the milk jugs upside down and cut across the bottom, as shown in the picture at the bottom of this post. Leave the handles intact.

As you can see, we used milk jugs but you can use whatever you have. For older kids you may want to try using water bottles or something smaller so it’s more of a challenge.

We are out of tape BUT if you have younger kids I strongly recommend using masking tape to line the cut end of the jugs to prevent possible injury.

Have your children stand a few feet apart, place the ball in one jug. Have the child use the jug to toss the ball to the other player, who has to catch the ball in their jug. Repeat.

Hopefully this quick-to-assemble craft will keep your children busy for as long as it kept mine busy! We actually had to call them in when it got dark.

Price: FREE
Recommended age: all
Reading level required: none
Skill level required: none
Parental involvement: required for cutting

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