Painting Rocks to Change the World
I know it doesn’t seem life changing, but something as simple as painting rocks has lead to a revolution of kindness in cities across the country. No one is quite sure of where the Rocks! movement started, but one of the largest and most active groups is right here in […]

Painting Rocks for Art, Fun, and to Change the World

20 Things You Need To Homeschool Your Child of Any Age
  Homeschooling is a lot of things. Homeschooling is fun, challenging, exhausting, uplifting, rewarding, stressful…What are the things you truly need to successfully homeschool your child? In my nearly two decades of homeschooling I’ve come to believe a few truths (ok, more than a few), and I decided to put […]

20 Things You Need to Homeschool

Review of Evolution The Beginning Game - Homeschool Gameschool
Evolution┬áis a very popular strategy card game that teaches the basics of evolutionary adaptation and decision-making skills. Evolution The Beginning is a new version of the game specifically designed for families and younger children, and it’s a real winner in our book!   Disclaimer: This review was not solicited, we […]

Evolution The Beginning Game Review

I have been slowly revamping the website, bits and pieces at a time. Recently I began work on the About Page, updating pictures and the like. I turned to the followers of our Facebook Page to ask them what they wanted to know about me. This blog post is a […]

How We Plan Our Homeschool Year

Hungry Minds Academy in a Box : The Game That Reviews ANYTHING!
  One of the most wonderful things about homeschooling is that most of us have the choice of how, when, and why we test our children. I’m not a fan of testing, especially in the elementary years. While I understand the need to testing, I don’t like the pressure and […]

Hungry Minds Academy in a Box : The Game That ...

Resources for homeschooling high school
  Resources for Homeschooling High School Homeschooling high school can seem very intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be. High school is a really fun time to homeschool, in fact I have to say that it’s my favorite part of homeschooling! I love homeschooling high school because my children […]

Resources for Homeschooling High School

Building Thinking Skills Beginning Preschool Workbook
Preschool is a time of snuggles, exploration, making messes…it’s also a critical time for building thinking skills. Help your children develop those skills with the Building Thinking Skills Beginning Preschool Workbook from Critical Thinking Press. Disclaimer: I received this book at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are […]

Building Thinking Skills Preschool Workbook

Bloxels Builder Review - Hands-on video game design for kids!
Bloxels Builder Review, video game creation made easy!   Video games can be a really great teaching tool. I know a lot of people will scoff and say that video games lead to brain rot, but before you totally discount the rest of this post…listen. Bloxels Builder is different, really. […]

Bloxels Builder Review – Video Game Creation Kit

Improve your vocabulary fast with Marie's Words
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this product at no cost to facilitate my review. As always, all opinions are my own and a positive review was not guaranteed. Marie’s Words: Pictures – in a Flash! Vocabulary Cards Review   There is no doubt as to the importance of a […]

Marie’s Words Vocabulary Cards Review

Homeschool Field Trip Etiquette - What to do before, during, and after your trip!
Field trips are a very important part of any child’s education, and they’re a lot of fun! While I love going on field trips with just my family, gathering with other people for trips has a lot of advantages. Groups often qualify for group rates, can schedule special tours, and […]

Homeschool Field Trip Etiquette

Introduce your kids to the art of Andy Warhol with this easy Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids
Introduce your child to one of the most famous artists of the modern era with this Andy Warhol art project!   When one grows up in the shadow of Pittsburgh, PA one has certain things ingrained into their heads early in life: Steelers. Pirates. Penguins. Iron City. Andy Warhol.┬áIt’s inevitable […]

Andy Warhol Art Project

Get Mapmaking Review, social studies for middle and high school
Get Mapmaking (How to Get Creative with Maps) Review   It can be difficult to find appropriate resources for middle and high schoolers when it comes to social studies, especially if you’re a homeschooler, and even more especially if you’re a secular homeschooler. Disclaimer: I was furnished with a copy […]

Get Mapmaking (Social Studies Review)