Merge Cube - Augmented Virtual Reality in Education,
There are affiliate links in this post. This review was unsolicited. My husband, being the finder of all things strange and amusing, found the coolest thing ever! It’s called a Merge Cube, and we’ve been having so much fun with it that I just had to write a review. The […]

Merge Cube, using Virtual Reality in Education

Things Secular Homeschoolers Want You To Know
Things Secular Homeschoolers Wish You Knew About Us 1. Sometimes secular homeschoolers have to pretend to be people we aren’t. I pretended to be Catholic for 5 years because in the south in 1999 those were the only kind of homeschool support groups around. I could fake it well, since […]

Things Secular Homeschoolers Want You To Know

  Learning geography can be tough for kids, especially when they’re used to looking at flat maps. Globes bring a whole new dimension (literally) to your child’s grasp of where they are in the world, and the Ravensburger XXL Children’s Puzzleball Globe brings the world into your child’s hands! Disclaimer: […]

Children’s Puzzleball Globe Review

Design Studio Pro Review
Are you looking for a high school art program that is unique, has enough content for an elective credit, encourages creative thinking, AND is affordable?? Look no further than The Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro! Disclaimer: I received this kit at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my […]

The Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro

Space Themed Games - Gameschooling at Homeschool Gameschool
Lots of kids (and adults!) are fascinated by Space. I’m one of those adults! The space themed games I list below are for people just like us! These games will teach your children about space, and a whole lot more. Please note that some of the games listed for teens […]

Best Space Themed Games

Budget Educational Board Games - Gameschooling
  Budget Educational Board Games   Children learn through play and I firmly believe that play, especially games, should be the the major part of a child’s daily schedule. And not just kids either! Games are good for all of us, because even though we’re grown up that doesn’t mean […]

Budget Educational Board Games (Under $20)

Circle with Disney Review -
  The internet is a wonderful tool, when used safely. There are a lot of dangers inherent to internet usage, but there are ways you can help to keep your kids safer online. Circle with Disney is the internet safety device we’ve used in our home for a little over […]

Internet Safety Using Circle with Disney

Doodle Lit Review
  Busy hands equal growing brains, and that is why I am so excited to share Doodle Lit with you! Doodle Lit introduces kids to classic literature in a fun, hands-on way!¬†Doodle Lit is the coolest book, I am so excited about it! Doodle Lit is unlike anything I’ve ever […]

Doodle Lit Review (Drawing Your Way Through Literature)

Board Games that Teach Chemistry, Chemistry Games, Gameschooling
Chemistry can be a hard subject for lots of kids. Thankfully there’s a board game for that! Hooray for gameschooling! I present to you an ever-growing list of chemistry games, both board and card, that cover everything from atoms to osmosis! Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. You […]

Gameschooling : Chemistry Games!

Board Games that Teach Math - math board games
I run a Facebook group for gameschoolers and when I ask what topic they most seek out games for in their teaching, math is always the #1 answer. There are so many good board games that teach math that it’s hard to narrow your list down to just a few. […]

Math Games (board and card games that teach math!)

History Board Games
History doesn’t need to be dull, make history come alive through play! This list of history board games covers everything from pre-history to modern day. Please note that age guidelines are set by the game publisher and only you can decide if a particular history board game is a good […]

History Board Games

Games Like Minecraft - Games for kids who like Minecraft
Minecraft is a video game that has taken the world by storm! If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will! In Minecraft players can work independently or together to create worlds and characters and have them survive in all sorts of strange scenarios. Homeschoolers love Minecraft because kids learn […]

Board Games for Kids Who Like Minecraft