Our Curriculum Choices for 5th Grade

Homeschool curriculum for 5th grade

affiliateMister Man is in 5th grade this year, at least age-wise. To me he’ll always be the toddler who sneaks into my bed in the middle of the night. (insert melancholic sigh here)

I’ve already told you what our curriculum choices for Mister Giggle are for 3rd grade, so today I’ll share with you what we’re using for Mister Man. (also, check out that post for my disclaimer about why I don’t really like these kinds of posts, LOL)

Our Curriculum Choices for 5th Grade

Mister Man asked to switch away from computer math and back to workbooks. This makes perfect sense because he’s such a hands-on learner. This year we’re going with Singapore Math. He has a membership to Prodigy Math Game, a neat Zelda meets Pokemon type of online game, but he hasn’t used it much lately as online games don’t hold his interest very long. As needed we use worksheets from Education.com if extra practice is needed. For manipulatives we use whatever we have around (pennies, Legos) or print something out.

Mister Man is a great reader, he really is. My focus this year is to just give him books that he is interested in. He really seems to like adventure novels so we’ll be on the lookout for those.

We’re going to continue working on handwriting with comfort, and his >Boogie Board has gone a long way to help with that. I also plan on using Igniting Your Writing to help with creative writing. I actually picked up IYW last year but put it away after a lesson or two, I think it’ll work better this year. I love that it lets the child pick which writing level they are most comfortable with, it’s really unique in that way.

This year we’re continuing our study of Medieval times. Last year I purchased History Odyssey Middle Ages, level 2 and while we don’t really use the curriculum too much, we are working our way (slowly) through the books. We are REALLY loving our subscription to Scribd, it allows us to listen to all the audiobooks we want for one low monthly fee (unlimited books and audiobooks for less than $9/month!)

Because we’re more of a hands-on family we’re REALLY super loving Time Capsule Medieval England Unit Study. This is a 12 week unit study but as usual we will stretch it out to last a little longer.

We’re really, really enjoying our subscription to Groovy Lab in a Box. You can read my review of GLIAB here, and click here to get $10 off your first box! Additionally we are forming a co-op group with a friend and are probably going to use Real Science Odyssey Biology, we just haven’t decided between level 1 & 2 yet.

Music & Art
Mister Man is really into art. He is so excited because he is finally old enough to join our community theatre’s homeschool academy! He’s auditioned a lot and had some small roles but he’s been waiting for the day he could join the academy for 3 years. This class meets once a week for 8 months and covers everything from the auditions process to set design and light operation. It’s a fabulous class and a steal at just $100 tuition.

We’re also be using SQUILT Music Appreciation and Hoffman Academy for introductory piano & music reading.

So there you go, that’s the list of our choices for 5th grade!

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