Our Curriculum Choices for 3rd Grade

3rd grade homeschool curriculum

I am always hesitant about sharing these types of posts. The truth is that we are a later is better family, and we don’t start using any form of curriculum until our children are 8 or so. We waited a little longer for Mister Giggles due to his unique needs, he will be 9 soon.

affiliateBefore I continue I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you to check out my advice for finding curriculum that matches, all of it cleverly organized in my Homeschool 101 section.

Also, it may seem like I have it all together. I soooo don’t. I’m just as likely as anyone else to stop using something halfway through. If you’re a new homeschooler, take heart. This is our 15th year homeschooling and I STILL make the wrong choices sometimes. (ask me about last year’s science curriculum!)

Our curriculum choices for 3rd grade

I asked Mister Giggles which he would prefer to use, computer curriculum or a workbook. He picked workbook and I agreed with since it helps with his handwriting (he still writes almost every single number backwards). This year we have chosen to use Singapore Math 2A and for additional practice he uses Prodigy Math, a fun Zelda-like online game.

Mister Giggles is a very strong reader, he’s been reading for 5 years now. I’m not sure how he learned to read, but so be it. While he is a GOOD reader he doesn’t necessarily ENJOY reading. This year we’re putting no pressure on the subject, we’re concentrating on giving him lots of good stuff to read (and some fluff) and letting him guide the choices. Some days he reads comic books, some days he reads nonfiction accounts of survival. Whatever, he’s reading.

We’re going to go simple this year and concentrate solely on building the muscles and control needed for handwriting. We’ll use Super Grammar (read my review) as I do with the older kids, but instead of using writing prompts we’ll work on writing just a sentence or two to learn proper structure. While I throw in sentence structure, it won’t be the focus. We’ll probably be buying him a Boogie Board LCD tablet as well because I’ve seen how much it has improved his brother’s handwriting.

This year we’re continuing our study of Medieval times. Last year I purchased History Odyssey Middle Ages, level 2 and while we don’t really use the curriculum too much, we are working our way (slowly) through the books. We are REALLY loving our subscription to Scribd, it allows us to listen to all the audiobooks we want for one low monthly fee (unlimited books and audiobooks for less than $9/month!)

Because we’re more of a hands-on family we’re REALLY super loving Time Capsule Medieval England Unit Study. This is a 12 week unit study but as usual we will stretch it out to last a little longer (review forthcoming).

We’re really, really enjoying our subscription to Groovy Lab in a Box. You can read my review of GLIAB here, and click here to get $10 off your first box! Additionally we are forming a co-op group with a friend and are probably going to use Real Science Odyssey Biology, we just haven’t decided between level 1 & 2 yet.

Mister Giggles will be following along with some of the older kids as we use SQUILT (read my review). He’ll also be starting piano lessons via Hoffman Academy (read my review).

Art is pretty informal around here. We love the videos by MrPstudios and Mark Kistler. We also purchased a subscription to Digital Theatre Plus through the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-Op and we’ll be using that a lot this year.

So, I think that’s it. Along the way we’ll experience a lot of things not listed here. We’ll make projects and go to the zoo and take classes that come along, but for the most part, what you see above is what we’re using to homeschool 3rd grade.

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