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It’s hard finding a math curriculum that works, isn’t it? This is the second year we’ve used Math Mammoth with our elementary kids, and I really like this curriculum.

Math Mammoth is a simple, straight-forward math curriculum designed by Maria Miller. She designed Math Mammoth just for homeschooling mothers, how cool is that? She saw how people (not naming names, *cough* me *cough*) struggled with teaching math concepts and she designed a curriculum that is easy to understand and explain.

The best part about Math Mammoth? It’s affordable! You can buy the books by topic or you can buy an entire year’s curriculum. The books are available in ebook format, which I wasn’t sure I would like at first since printing is so expensive. It’s worked out really well for us though, I can select what pages to print as we go along. If you’re concerned about the printing costs you can have your child use the text on the computer and work out the problems in a notebook. If you really want to buy a printed version those are available, you’ll find the links on each product’s web page.

COMMON CORE ALERT – You’ll be happy to know that while Math Mammoth has some lessons that are aligned with CCS, Math Mammoth was not altered to meet these standards. Maria is very open about this coincidental alignment and on each product information page you’ll find a link to the CCS the lessons align with.

math mammoth review

Here’s how Math Mammoth works:

1. Decide what you need & buy it. If your child needs review, or just to touch on a few topics, you want the BLUE SERIES. The BLUE SERIES books cover individual topics from grade 1 to algebra. Each of the BLUE SERIES books covers one topic in depth, which is perfect for a little review or to supplement another program. The books in the BLUE SERIES range from $2-$7 and are available in a package deal.

If you are looking for an entire year of curriculum you want the LIGHT BLUE SERIES. The LIGHT BLUE SERIES includes everything you need for an entire year, broken up into two semesters. We reviewed Level 3, which is divided into 3A (semester 1) and 3B (semester 2). The LIGHT BLUE SERIES also includes answer keys and a test packet.

If you’re just looking for some worksheets or review sheets, those are also available for a few bucks.

2. Get manipulatives. Math Mammoth was designed to be affordable, which means you don’t need to run out and buy an expensive set of manipulatives. Math Mammoth uses REAL items, like a kitchen scale, a ruler, & a real wind-up watch. Everything you need will be listed in your ebook, the list is also posted online.

3. Start teaching! Math Mammoth really makes teaching math easy, and you don’t need a teacher’s guide. Math Mammoth is written in every day language and teaches needed vocabulary as you go.

Take a look at some of these samples from the 3A & 3B books:
Click to see larger image



What we like about Math Mammoth Blue & Light Blue Series:
-It’s affordable, and with 5 kids affordability is key.
-The worksheets are short but effective
-You can decide how many practice problems your child needs to do
-I love the idea of not having to buy an entire curriculum to brush up on a few skills

What we LOVE about Math Mammoth:
-Maria has a heart for homeschooling families, especially those struggling to make ends meet. She understands first-hand what it’s like to be a single-income family, as so many of us are. Maria offers a lot of freebies (including over 300 worksheets!) when you sign up for her newsletter

-Sometimes I know HOW to do a math problem but I don’t know how to EXPLAIN it. You don’t have to worry about that with Math Mammoth, it’s scripted just enough to explain the concepts without unnecessary complications.

What my 8 year old thinks about Math Mammoth:
“I love it. It’s awesome, paper math.”
(LOL! We used to use an online curriculum that he liked but the amount of review was insane, and once it converted to Common Core it was useless. Let’s not even get into the whole concept of deconstruction math! He calls Math Mammoth “paper math” because he much prefers doing math on paper, which is really saying something because in general he is not a worksheet type of kid!)

But don’t take my word for it! Read more reviews at Mosaic Reviews!

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