Marie’s Words Vocabulary Cards Review

Build your vocabulary fast with Marie's Words

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this product at no cost to facilitate my review. As always, all opinions are my own and a positive review was not guaranteed.

Marie’s Words: Pictures – in a Flash! Vocabulary Cards Review


There is no doubt as to the importance of a varied vocabulary in our society. People who know more words are generally better public speakers, are viewed as more intelligent, have an easier time reading documents, and can help you get ahead in your career.


Marie’s Words is a set of 500 full-color vocabulary words, but what makes them unique is the way in which they teach your child. Each 2.5″ by 3.5″ card features a hand-drawn, full-color mnemonic method of memorizing words.


Here is a great example of how the mnemonic method works:


Build your vocabulary fast with Marie's Words


Pugnacious (puhg-ney-shuh s), quarrelsome; combative; belligerent. The pugnacious pug growls and bears its teeth when people pass by him.

Most kids know what a pug is, and now they will remember the picture of a pug bearing his teeth when they hear the word pugnacious. Pugnacious means to cause fights and be argumentative!





Build your vocabulary fast with Marie's Words


Each card features the spelling, pronunciation, and definition of the word. The cards also include the word used in a sentence that is similar to those used on the SAT® exam, synonyms, and antonyms.






Marie’s Words is so much more than just flashcards, they’re flash cards with fun illustrations that help your student remember what the word means. The story behind these cards is pretty special. How do I know Marie’s Words will help your student prepare for their college entrance exam? Because they were developed by an actual student who was studying for the exam! Because someone the same age as my child developed this tool, my children are going to understand the picture references on the cards.


Build your vocabulary fast with Marie's Words

Baa Baa anomaly, deviation, departure from the norm, divergence, abnormality, irregularity, variation, rogue, rarity, oddity, peculiarity sheep.


Included in the box is directions to play the “Marie’s Wordsmith” and “Picture Words” games. These games are simple to play, can be played with only a few people, and will help your children memorize the vocabulary words even faster.

The cards are numbered to make organizing and alphabetizing easier, they’re also hole punched so you can put some on a ring to make them portable. The cards come in a sturdy cardboard box for safe storage.


While Marie’s Words was developed to practice vocabulary for college entrance exams, they could easily be used as part of a language arts curriculum for any age! The mnemonic learning method is useful for all ages!


Marie’s Words is great for:
-High school students preparing for college entrance exams
-Anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary
-Middle school students who need vocabulary enhancement as part of a language arts program
-Elementary students who want to learn vocabulary through games
-English as a Second Language students


Marie’s Words is available a la carte from Timberdoodle or as part of the fourth grade package.


Buy it: Timberdoodle
Worldview: Secular
Ages: 5+
Reading skill: moderate (can be used with parental participation for non-readers)
Parental participation: not required

Build your vocabulary fast with Marie's Words


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