Make Your Own Game: Review Anything Beach Ball


I have a real quick post and game for you today. This game takes all of 5 minutes to make but will keep the kids entertained for at least 10 minutes 😉 It really doesn’t get much simpler, or more effective, than this game.

Step 1: Buy a beach ball. You can find these for $1 or less at your local mass-merchandise retailer

Step 2: Use a permanent marker to write down problems or facts your child needs to review

Step 3: Toss the ball at the child. Whatever their eyes land on first after catching it is what they have to answer or review.

*TIP* I wrote our review problems too close together on our ball, there really should be some more space between them.

As you can see in my photos I used this game recently to review sight words with Mister Giggles (6 years), to do addition drills with Mister Man (9 years) and multiplication with Miss Dreamer (10 years).

Way to expand this game:
-Write down the name of prehistoric creatures and have your child identify their time period, or if they were an herbivore or carnivore
-Write down major historical figures and have the child tell you one fact about that person
-Write down elements from the Periodic Table and have your child identify

Price: $1 or less
Recommended age: all
Reading level required: beginner
Skill level required: beginner
Parental involvement: recommended for writing and fact-checking


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