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make an egyptian cartouche


The inspiration for this craft came from
The Ancient Egyptians: Dress, Eat, Write and Play Just Like the Egyptians (Hands-on History)

Names were very important in Ancient Egypt. Names not only identified people but also they identified the person’s rank. If you were very important you had a cartouche, which was a piece of wood or stone with your name carved in it. Cartouches were attached to coffins with the thought that if their name was attached they would never be forgotten.

You can make your own cartouche with just a few supplies.

You need:
Card stock, or other thick paper
liquid glue
a Hieroglyphic translator (try this one)

Cut out a long square from the card stock and round the edges.

Translate your name into hieroglyphs. For extra fun your child can pick an Ancient Egyptian name to translate. My son picked the name Nebtawyre, which means “Lord of the Two Lands in Re”. Re was the Egyptian god of the sun, also referred to as the creator god or Ra. Two lands refer to upper & lower Egypt.

Your child can write their name in hieroglyphs in pencil, tracing over with a marker. Traditionally names are written vertically, but if this confuses your young learner sideways is just fine 🙂

Cut a piece of yarn that is long enough to wrap about the paper. Squirt some glue into a bowl and run the yarn through the glue, this step will cause the yarn to harden when it dries.

make an egyptian cartouche

Squirt a line of glue around the outside edge of the cartouche and place the now gluey yarn on the glue line.

Allow the cartouche to dry completely.

For more information check out these great links:


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