Kangeaux Walkabout Review

Kangeaux Walkabout Carrier Review


Disclaimer: I received a set of Kangeaux Walkabout carriers to facilitate this review. A positive review was not guaranteed and all opinions are my own. Well, my husband’s, because he’s the one who wrote the review.


Once upon a time there was a family. This family loved being outdoors more than anything, but they lived in a place where it was really hard to be outside most of the year. It was hot, the natural land was slowly turning into housing developments, did I mention it was hot all the time? Then one day the family had this crazy idea, let’s move somewhere else! Let’s move to a place where we can be outside all year long, without worrying about heat stroke! So the family sold off everything they owned an embarked on an adventure! The family said goodbye to their Florida home of two decades and took off for the Pacific Northwest. Hint: the family is mine.


Kangeaux Walkabout Carrier Review


When I got the chance to review the Walkabout carriers from Kangeaux I just knew this would be right up our alley. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you may know that we really do love being outside. The kids love exploring the world, and I honestly think that being in a green space is healing. It’s been shown that kids learn better when they spend a lot of time outside, but let’s face it, when you have kids you’ve got to carry STUFF. Diapers, water bottles, sippy cups, your keys, your phone…even a simple walk down the street calls for a pack animal.


The Kangeaux Walkabout carriers are now my favorite thing. They have everything you need to keep your stuff safe from drops, even your phone! Y’all know I don’t mess around when it comes to keeping my precious my phone safe.


I’m going to step back though, which isn’t easy for a control freak. I decided that since he uses the Walkabouts the most, my husband should write this review. So, I present to you all, my husband. Take it away Jason.

Kangeaux Walkabout Carrier Review

The first thing my husband did was test how well the Kangeaux Walkabout held his iPhone. The results? No screens were cracked! The phone didn’t budge even a little bit!

Kangeaux Walkabout Carrier Review


I like gear. I like gear, and gadgets, and gizmos, and all manner of cool stuff that helps make my life easier or cooler or more innovative. I especially like gadgets that help me in my quest to get closer to nature and explore the great outdoors. I’m a sucker for the big cool stuff that has real wow power; the state of the art GPS tracker or the new ultra-distance boots or the sweet carbon fiber backpack frame.


These are the headliners in the window of the outdoorsman shop, but every so often I come across a piece of utilitarian gear that makes me stop and wonder why no one has thought of it before. That’s what happened when I started using my new Kangeaux Walkabout carrier.


At first glance, it’s just a gear carrier, but it’s more than just a carrier. It’s an incredibly high quality, well-designed pack staple with serious grip, portability and strength. From my iPhone and keys to my water bottle and hiking stick, this carrier held them all. The rubberized pad on the inside of the main wrap gave it a really secure grip even on smooth plastic and it held tight all the way down the trail and back. I even wrapped my iPhone and hung it on my belt while I hiked along to keep the tunes going. The clip and straps are sturdy and high quality and the colored designs are stylish enough to look cool.

To my surprise, what at first seemed like something I wouldn’t give a second glance to on the shelf, has now become a back country staple that I wouldn’t go adventuring without.


Kangeaux Walkabout Carrier Review
Yes, the Kangeaux Walkabout is cool with carrying your valuables, but it will also secure your water bottle, your keys, your GPS, your kid’s sippy cup, keep you food safe from bears, secure your backpack to a tree…and it’ll look good doing it!






Kangeaux Walkabout Carrier Review


I also have to give a shout out to my 11 year old son, who loves anything survivalist. Mister Man found another fantastic use for the Walkabout! The Walkabout can easily become an arm sling in the event you’re injured during your excursion! That’s mommy’s bright little boy, always coming up with novel uses for equipment! (You’re my favorite, shhh, don’t tell the others.) (It’s ok, I tell them all that.)




Quick Info:

New carrying concept, the Walkabout by Kangeaux Outdoors, is designed to be an industrial-strength and multifunctional carrying tool for the outdoor adventurer and sports enthusiast alike. With the development of the Walkabout, Kangeaux Outdoors has designed a carrier like none other. It is predicted to become a standard for those “In The Field” — but just as easily, it’s ergonomic fit is ideal for the everyday carry. The Walkabout’s adaptable nature creates easy solutions for both athletic essentials like sports bottles and baseball caps, as well as everyday items like keys, phones, sunglasses, etc. There is truly no other carrier like the Walkabout. Save 20% on your entire purchase!  Sign up and stay up to date with our Kangeaux Newsletter and receive a coupon code for 20% off your entire purchase! http:// www.kangeaux.com

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