It’s Engineers Week 2014!

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Hooray for engineering and science! Life as we know it would not exist if it wasn’t for engineers and science!

As you’re reading this from the comfort of your modern home, using electricity or battery power to fuel your computer…take a moment to thank an engineer 🙂

We’re fortunate people, we were able to celebrate the start of Engineers Week at Walt Disney World, where Raytheon and Science from Scientists joined forces to bring a show called Science Thrills Live! to kids visiting Disney World.

It was a pretty cool show and two of my kids, the red team in the following video, were able to participate. What you see here is a set of Magdeburg Hemispheres, which demonstrate the effect of atmospheric pressure.

(and by the way, can you see how excited Mister Man was when Miss Dreamer was called to be his partner?? So sweet!)


We had a great time and learned a lot about engineering and science during our visit. Now, I know most of you can’t just pick up and go to Disney World for the day, so I’ve listed some really cool links about engineering just for kids at the bottom of this post.

What is Engineering? provides a great introduction to the many fields of engineering.

Learn more about Engineers Week at the Raytheon website.

Math Moves U is an interactive website for kids full of engineering, math, and science games. Math Moves U also sponsers the Build it Better contest.

Science from Scientists is a non-profit dedicated to encouraging students to embrace science, technology, engineering, and mathmatics (STEM).

And here are some awesome videos! I’ve already watched them and feel they’re safe, but I always advise parents to prescreen before showing them to their kids!





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