How Do I Teach a Reluctant Learner?

how to teach a reluctant learner

I am so excited! In just 4 days the “How Do I Teach…” blog series starts!

Join me, and 14 other bloggers, as we present our favorite tips and tricks for teaching our children.

I’ll be talking about dealing with reluctant learners. You know the types, the ones who tear up when you mention schoolwork.

In this 5 day series I discuss:
-Signs that your child is a reluctant learner
-Matching curriculum to your child
-Physical readiness for school, and how you can help improve it
-Learning style vs. teaching style
-How to engage reluctant learners

It’s going to be exciting, so hop on over to Enchanted Homeschooling Mom to see the topics that will be coming your way! I’ll see you Monday!

School board with colour chalk

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