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homeschool planet review

Ok, so I know I’ve talked before about how we’re pretty laid back with the homeschooling. We don’t follow a syllabus, we don’t follow a strict schedule, we don’t used packaged curriculum, and we don’t keep grades. We do, however, keep a loose schedule and have a game plan. I’ve always been really bad at keeping on top of things, which is why I am so excited to tell you about!

Homeschool Planet is brought to you by one of my favorite websites ever (seriously!), the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-Op and is your one-stop shop when it comes to planning and organizing your home & school.

Let’s take a quick look around (click to enlarge photos):

Homeschool Planet review

There are two calendar modes, planner and calendar. The picture above is my favorite way to view our schedule, in calendar form. You can display a day, week, or month. Notice how each subject has its own color and how each child who is taking the class is listed.

I prefer the family-view calendar but you can also display one person’s calendar if that works for you. You can also decide if weekends are visible in your plan.

Adding a class is easy, just click on the family member and select “class”. Enter the information and when you’d like the lessons to be completed. You can be as general as picking a day of the week or as specific as an exact time several days per week for a certain number of weeks.

Hint: When you add a class for one person you can copy it to another child.

homeschool planet review

Here’s a peek at how the calendar looks in planner mode:
Homeschool Planet review

The planner, viewed weekly, is what I use the most. Every Sunday I print the schedule out and hang it on the fridge. Worried about printer ink costs? NO worries, Homeschool Planet has an economy printing option!

We use the planner as a guide, as we complete things we check them off. If you do more detailed lesson planning you can enter details for each lesson.

In the event we miss something it’s super easy to reschedule using the “rescheduling helper”. The helper allows you to reschedule an entire lesson or just one. Deleting a lesson is as easy as clicking on the lesson and selecting delete.

Homeschool Planet review

There are other things you can do too! You can take attendance, keep grades, create a transcript, and a whole lot more! I don’t use these features as I don’t keep grades and I have another program we use for transcripts, but it’s nice to know there are there should I need them!

Homeschool Planet reviewHomeschool Planet review

As if that isn’t great enough, there are a lot of other cool features!!

Mobile access:
Homeschool Planet review

Widgets allow you to customize your planner by adding quotes, shopping lists, a to do list…and the best part is, I can have the to do and shopping lists sent to my husband via text!! What’s better than that??
Homeschool Planet review



ss05Homeschool Planet reviewHomeschool Planet reviewHomeschool Planet review

Some final highlights:
-Each child can have their own login info to view their assignments
-You can have daily and weekly reminder emails sent to your inbox
-Lesson plans are completely customizable, you can add websites and videos and anything else you need

Finding a good planner is essential for homeschooling families, and I’m sure you’ll agree that Homeschool Planet has it all! This is simply the best planner I’ve ever seen in 14 years of homeschooling, and the only one I’ve continued to use for more than a few months.

Read more reviews of this fabulous program here!

Website: (you must be a member of the Buyer’s Co-op, membership is free)
Cost: $$$ (free 30 day trial, $65/yr after)
Worldview: customizable

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