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Homeschooling with Netflix, Learning About Our World


Homeschooling with Netflix

When it comes to learning about our planet and other cultures, travel is the ultimate best way to learn. Travel, however, is expensive and not always possible. A decent alternative to travel is to watch documentaries and films about our world and the people and animals who live on it. This is why I love homeschooling with Netflix, for a small monthly fee you have access to thousands of shows, quite a few of them being documentaries.

I love homeschooling with Netflix, it affords us flexibility and a wealth of easily-accessible learning materials. If you’re interested in using Netflix (as well as Amazon and other streaming services) in your homeschooling, the Facebook group Secular Homeschooling with Netflix is a fantastic resource!

What follows is a list of 50 shows about the world on Netflix*. Here you’ll find shows about people living in extreme climates, shows about natural disasters and unexplained phenomena, animals who share the planet with us, and a healthy dose of shows featuring the geography of various regions.

*Please note that all shows listed were available on Netflix US as of the date of publishing.

Learning About Our World by Homeschooling with Netflix

Homeschooling with Netflix, Learning About Our World1. Japanese Style Originator

  1. Wild France with Ray Mears

  2. Wild Austrailia

  3. Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown

  4. Africa

  5. Wild China

  6. Wild North (Scandinavia)

  7. India’s Lost Worlds

  8. Wild Europe

  9. Wild Alaska

  10. Life

  11. Planet Earth 2

  12. South Pacific (not the musical!)

  13. Weird Wonders of the World

  14. The Hunt

  15. Nature’s Weirdest Events

  16. Wild Ones

  17. Round Planet

  18. 72 Dangerous Animals Latin America

  19. Africa’s Deadliest Animals

  20. Full Force Nature

  21. 72 Cutest Animals

  22. Nature’s Great Events

  23. Frozen Planet

  24. Race of Life

  25. Born in China

  26. Earth’s Natural Wonders

  27. Expedition China

  28. Great Yellowstone Thaw

  29. Human Planet (diversity, adaptation)

  30. Madagascar (the BBC version)

  31. Animal Fight Night

  32. The World’s Worst Disasters (weather)

  33. Shark

  34. Somebody Feed Phil (world cultures, travel, food)

  35. Depatures (world cultures, travel)

  36. David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities

  37. 72 Dangerous Places to Live (world cultures, nature, weather)

  38. Hidden Kingdoms (small animals)

  39. Planet Earth 1

  40. The Blue Planet

  41. First Contact

  42. Vikings Unearthed

  43. Peru, Tesoro Escondido

  44. Moving Art (relaxing music and spectactular nature)

  45. Cuba and the Cameraman

  46. Great Human Odyssey (adaptation, evolution, human migration)

  47. Egypt

  48. The Great Rift (Eastern Africa)

  49. Disaster Earth (natural disasters and phenomena)

Homeschooling with Netflix, Learning About Our World

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