Homeschooling Encouragement – You CAN Do This & You Aren’t Alone!

homeschooling encouragement

I’m coming at you today not with a fun activity, but with words of encouragement.

Last night we dealt with a little disappointment. A child, who was planning to go in one direction, got a phone call that resulted in her path being altered a little bit. This little path diversion was upsetting to her, and I understand why. This child tends to see path diversions as closed doors, as a time to shut down and tell herself that she can’t do this. I’m here to tell her (and you) that this isn’t so!

Homeschooling parents, by necessity, are resourceful. Most of us have found ways to teach our children things we never imagined we could. We’ve developed methods of co-teaching, we’ve used community resources, we’ve sought out information on the internet. We are a force! I reminded my daughter of this. If she wants to accomplish something, we can make it happen. It will take time and commitment, but it can happen, and I have an entire army of resources at the wait.

My encouraging words to her (and you) are: don’t give up. You can do this and there are so many people out there willing to help.

Facebook is one of my favorite ways to connect to creative homeschoolers, especially if you can look at everything in humor and simply pass by the things you don’t want/need/agree with. These are my favorite groups to browse and participate in:

Secular Homeschooling with Netflix and Other Media – A group to share ideas for homeschooling using streaming media and the internet

My Unschooler is Interested In… – Tell the group what your child is interested in and they’ll reply with tons of resources

Homeschooling with Art – is a great place to get ideas for adding art to your child’s education, and showcasing their work!

Homeschooling Autism – is the place for parents who homeschool children who are on the spectrum, anywhere on the spectrum.

Remember, you CAN do this and you are NOT alone 🙂 Keep your chin up, friends.

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