Homeschooling Bargains at the Dollar Store

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<span style=”font size=”+1″>Homeschooling at the dollar store

Homeschooling Bargains at the Dollar Store

I set aside a few hours today to drive a kid around to apply for jobs. I took them to a shopping plaza nearby and nearly screamed in glee when I saw that a Dollar Tree opened in the plaza! That is my favorite store in the whole wide world! Now I have a Dollar Tree 2 miles away instead of 3! (First world problems, I know!)

There is so much awesome stuff at the Dollar Tree, the Dollar Spot (inside Target stores), and other dollar stores, that can enrich your child’s education frugally. With everything costing $1 (or less, especially at the Dollar Spot) it’s hard to go wrong! I’ve often said that homeschooling costs as much as you need it to, and the dollar store is one of those places where you can really make a dollar stretch!


Some frugal Finds at the dollar store:

-Educational games & flash cards


-Craft supplies (especially things like fake moss and mosaic tiles)


-STEM/science supplies (magnifying glasses, hand tools, wiring, light bulbs, batteries, and other goodies for creating)


-Toys for dioramas and other art projects


-Supplies for chemistry experiments (check out Science at the Dollar Store)


-Pens, markers, paints, glue sticks (I don’t recommend buying cheap pencils, no matter how cheap they are!)


-Literacy aids. Letter and number tiles, letter and word magnets


-Paper (lined writing tablets for preschoolers and young children, notebooks, construction paper…)


-Dry erase boards, chalkboards


-Photo frames for framing masterpieces


-Teacher planning & lesson books


-Posters with grammar and math rules


-Books! Workbooks, classic literature, even best sellers!


-Harmonicas and recorders with learn-to-play books


-Sketchbooks and large drawing paper


-Math manipulatives (You know that really popular math on dvd program that requires you to buy a set of stacking blocks? Well, the Dollar Tree had foam blocks that were nearly identical! For a dollar!)



I can’t help but see endless educational possibilities when walking through a dollar store. The next time you stop by take a peek, you might be surprised 🙂


Homeschooling Bargains at the Dollar Store
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