Gameschooling is the practice of using games to augment our children’s education! We all know that children learn through play, but why do we stop playing to learn when they’re old enough for school? Keep the love of learning through play alive through high school and into adulthood with family game nights you’ll always remember.


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Gameschooling Math
Gameschooling History
Gameschooling Social Studies/Geography
Gameschooling Language Arts
Gameschooling Science
Gameschooling Art & Music
Gameschooling 101/Misc. Reviews/Special Needs
Gameschooling Strategy & Logic

Gameschooling, Homeschooling with Games

Gameschooling Math

Rooster Race Math Game Review

Animal Snacks Game Review

Board Games That Teach Math

Tenzi Math Dice Game & Card Deck

Mobi Max Math Game

Clumsy Thief

DragonBox Algebra

Sum Swap: An elementary game of math

Farkel: A Quick Mental Math Game

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Gameschooling History

Famous Figures of the Renaissance paper dolls

Professor Noggin’s First Peoples of North America Card Game

Board Games that Teach History

Ancient History Go Fish

Ancient Egypt Printable Board Game

Timeline History Card Games

Time Capsule: Medieval England Review

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Gameschooling Social Studies

Lost Cities Card Game Review & Gameschooling Tips

Explore the World board game

Holidays of the World Cookbook

Ticket to Ride Gameschooling Review

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Gameschooling Language Arts

Gameschooling : Dystopian Literature

Four Games That Teach Reading

Doodle Lit, Drawing on the Classics

Marie’s Words Vocabulary Cards

FREE Printable Spelling Battleship Game

10 Word Games for Middle Schoolers

There, Their, They’re Silly Sentences Game

Typecrush: A Puzzling Game of Words

Chunks Word Building Game by Didax

Shakespeare in Bits

POP for Sight Words

Teaching Grammar the Cheap & Easy Way (and a review of Super Grammar)

Reading Eggs & Reading Eggspress Review

Spelling Bee App by TipTapTech

My Little Pony: Party of One by PlayDate Digital

Read My List

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Gameschooling Science / STEM

Engineering Ants STEM Game Review

Board Games That Teach Chemistry

Space-Themed Games

Homeschool Microscope Review

Evolution The Beginning Game Review

EEME Project Genius Light

The Great Forensic Challenge

Planet Earth DVD Game Review

REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry 1

Science for High School

Groovy Lab in a Box

Bloxels Builder Review, hands-on video game creation!

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Gameschooling Art & Music

Paint-by-Number Museum Series

Design Studio Pro

Aquarelle Monet

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Gameschooling 101

Best Kindle Fire Apps for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Adapting Board Games for Special Needs

Free Printable Board Games

Budget Educational Board Games

Games for Kids that Like Minecraft

Games that Teach Developmental Skills

Academy in a Box: A Game to Study ANYTHING!

Boogie Board LCD Writer

YouScience Major & Career Exploration Service

Homeschool Programming Curriculum

Nerf Cyber Hoop

iTooch Family of Educational Apps

Beat the Parents Family Fun Game

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Stragety & Logic Games

Lost Cities Card Game Review & Gameschooling Tips

Crab Stack Strategy Game

Attila Strategy Game

NIYA Strategy Game

Cranium Brain Breaks, 200 mini-games review

Cat Crimes One Player Logic Game

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Gameschooling, Homeschooling with Games