Experienced Based Learning Update

Back in January I wrote about our foray into something I’ve decided to call Experience-Based Homeschooling, or EBH. I guess it’s catching on because I’ve seen some support groups pop up for EBH recently! That’s awesome because EBH is such a fantastic method of learning and retaining information that I wouldn’t want to keep it all to myself!

experienced based learning

Our year of EBH is based mostly on out-of-home activities but we’ve been doing quite a few inside the home too!

Our first three months hit a few snags, mostly, illness. At least one of my kids has been sick nearly every single day since the first of the year. One of my children was in the hospital 3 times and had emergency surgery. And let’s not talk about the week in which 5 of the 6 had a stomach bug. UGH! The illness not only affected our ability to get out of the house but it also affected our finances for being able to do things, even with the cost parameters I set forth as explained in my last post.

Sadly, we missed out on some of our most-anticipated trips 🙁 Illness aside, however, we were able to accomplish several of the things on our list and a few extras!

Over the last three months my kids were able to experience:

-Superhero training (aerial yoga) at Studio G Aerial Yoga
-A dog training session with Think Alpha Dog
-A class about turtles, aquarium tour, and movie set tour at Clearwater Marine Aquarium
-A visit to Lake Meadow Naturals, a local egg farm
-We observed elusive animals native to Florida at the Jacksonville Zoo
-A day exploring Medieval life at the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire (and my kids made costumes for it!!)
-The kids got to shadow a tattooist at The Emporium Lakeland
-And one of the kids auditioned & accepted a role in a musical production at Theatre Winter Haven!

We have many more things scheduled for the next three months, including a class run by NASA next week! We’re so excited and are crossing our fingers that our months of illness are over for the year. I’ll check back in July to let you know how our second quarter went!

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