Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Review

Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Workbooks

Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Workbooks

Do you remember studying geography in school? I do. I remember long and boring lectures with a pull down map in the front of the classroom, the teacher pointing at various places with a long stick. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this product for grades 3 & 5 to facilitate my review. A positive review is not guaranteed. All opinions are that of me and my kids.

I like to make geography come to life for my kids! I want them to know that we live on a small planet, and the more we know about it, the better world citizen we are. We teach geography through games, streaming media, maps, globes…


One of the resources we use is the Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice books. Now, I’m not big on workbooks so let me tell you why this one is a little different:

Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Workbooks

-The Evan-More Daily Geography Practice books are great for reluctant writers! Why? Because there are only two or three questions a day to complete, and sometimes they don’t even have to be full sentences.


-The Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice books are scripted, making it a lot easier on me. I can either read the lesson to the kids or have them read it themselves. The less parental preparation needed, the better!


-I really like that way the Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice books are designed. There is one lesson at the beginning of the week that takes about 5 minutes, followed by the 2 questions. Your child can get a great grasp of geography in just 10 minutes a day!






Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Workbooks-These workbooks can stand up to kids! Each page is a blackline master on thick paper. Not only that, but each page is perforated for easy removal, great for those who have to show progress on an annual evaluation.


-The Evan-Moore Daily Geography Practice books are designed to start wherever the child is. Pick up a book and start, there are no placement tests!

Each book contains 160 pages of lessons, and here is just a sampling of what you’ll find in each:

Parts of a map, reading a map, types of maps, regions of the US and world, major US and world landmarks, community services, explorers, city & neighborhood plans.


These books are a great way to introduce your child to the basics of map reading and geography without spending a fortune or spending hours on preparation.

You guys! I know the photos are bad, I’m sorry.

Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Workbooks Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Workbooks

Would you like to watch me talk about these books?

Check out the video below, skip to 5:00 to get to the part where I talk about the books. This was originally a Facebook Live video so it might seem a little weird 🙂



Buy them: Evan-Moor Daily Geography
Ages: 6+
Grades: K-6
Parental Involvement: suggested
Worldview: Secular
Reading Skill: Moderate to good

Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Workbooks

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