Enzymes in Action! A Fun Science Experiment

The kids and I did a fun enzyme experiment last week and the first thing Miss Dreamer said afterward was “Hey mom! You should share this on your blog!” 🙂 Who am I to say no?

Enzyme science experiment

The inspiration for our experiment came from this video made by The Homeschool Scientist:


    *Please note that my recommendation of this video does not signify that I am recommending the company mentioned in this video, or the scientific/philosophical/religious views of the website or the company mentioned.*

After watching the movie above I was faced with the question “What, exactly, is catalase?”

Catalase is an enzyme, and to help explain enzymes and their function I found this cute video:

After we watched the videos the real fun began!

Follow the instructions in the first video to create your control. When you’re done with your observations try some of the ideas below to continue your experimentation.

Side note: You know you’re a homeschooler when the cashier at the dollar store asks “Did you buy ALL of the peroxide on the shelf?” and you answer “It’s science day.”

-Leave the potato in the hydrogen peroxide and describe any changes at 5 minute intervals (this is what we found the most fascinating!)

-Repeat the experiment with hydrogen peroxide that’s been microwaved for 30 seconds, then try again with hydrogen peroxide that’s been heated for 1 minute

-Repeat with hydrogen peroxide that has spent a few minutes in the freezer

-Repeat the experiment with an apple, a piece of celery, a rock, a piece of quartz, or anything else you want to try!

-Does the same thing happen if you use vinegar instead of hydrogen peroxide? What about water? Bleach? (Don’t mix chemicals and please use a new jar or carefully wash the jar out between experiments!!)

Don’t forget to record your results!


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