Elementary School

Regardless of if you’re new to homeschooling or have been doing it a few years, here is where you’ll find links to every article I’ve published that is of interest to those who are homeschooling elementary school! These elementary homeschooling resources will help you along the way, regardless of the homeschool method you employ.


Resources for homeschooling elementary school


Our Favorite Family Board Games

Soft Skills: The Hidden Benefits of Playing Board Games

Books Lists, Board Games, & More for Shark Week

How to Make Your Own Board Games

Pop and Learn: Letters & Numbers Game Review

Tut’s Tablet 1-Player Puzzle Game Review

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Board Games for Kids Who Love Dogs

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How to Block YouTube & YouTube Kids Channels & Videos

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The Best Board Games for Kindergarten

Engineering Ants STEM Game Review

The Best Magazines for Kids

MORE Best Kindle Fire Apps for Ages 2-5

Teaching Textbooks 3.0 Online Review

Animal Snacks Game Review

50 Shows About the World on Netflix (Homeschooling with Netflix)

Giant List of FREE Secular Science Curriculum

Shows About World Cultures on Amazon Prime Video

Free Printable Board Games

Science Shows on Amazon Prime Video

Merge Cube: Augmented & Virtual Reality Games & Learning

Budget Educational Board Games

Internet Safety with Circle with Disney

Board Games That Teach Chemistry

Board Games That Teach Math

Games for Kids that Like Minecraft

6 Things You Don’t Need to Homeschool Your Child

Four Games That Teach Reading

Homeschool Microscope Review

Evolution The Beginning Game Review

Bloxels Builder Review, hands-on video game creation!

Make Geography FUN For Everyone!

Homeschooling A Child With Dysgraphia

Teach Kids to Code!

When Your Homeschooled Child is Behind

Free Online Art Lessons for Homeschoolers

10 Must-Have Books for Kindergarten

FREE Curriculum for Kindergarten

Creating an Elementary Portfolio

Experience-Based Homeschooling

Creative Ways to Practice Handwriting

Teaching Grammar The Cheap & Easy Way

Science at the Dollar Store

Homeschooling at the Dollar Store

How to Engage Reluctant Learners

Learning Style vs Teaching Style

Is Your Child Ready for Schoolwork?

Matching Curriculum to the Child

Is My Child a Reluctant Learner?

Our 2015-2016 3rd Grade Curriculum Choices

Our 2015-2016 5th Grade Curriculum Choices

Hands-On Medieval Unit Study Plan

American Flag Windsock

Girls of American History Unit Studies

Streaming Media (movies) that Correspond With Story of the World, Volume 1

Make an Ancient Egyptian Cartouche Bookmark

Printable Ancient Egypt Board Game

Wigwam Craft

Time Capsule: Medieval England Review

Real-Life Math in the Grocery Store

Hands-On Math : Graphing Fun

Review Anything Beach Ball

Creative Ways to Practice Handwriting

Hatching Coturnix Quail

Enzymes in Action! A Fun Science Experiment

Clean Mud – A Fun Science Experiment

Make Your Own Fossil Imprints

EEME Project Genius Light

Freezer Bubbles

Balloon Hovercraft

The Great Forensic Challenge

Easy Worm Farm Tutorial

Gross Science: What Grows in Your Home?

Extracting Onion DNA

Make a Cork Bottle Rocket

Let’s Learn About Digestion Experiment

Andy Warhol Art Project

Art Projects for Kids

Mark Kistler Drawing Lessons

Homemade Squeeze Chalk

Space Pants Tutorial

Homemade No-Cook Play Dough

My Favorite Activity Books to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Recycle Ball: A Game You Can Make from Trash!

Lowe’s Build & Grow Free Kids Clinics

Homemade Pipe Cleaner Game for Toddlers

Homeschooling with DIY.org

Our Year of Experience-Based Homeschooling

DIY Cloud Dough (a sensory recipe!)

Famous Figures of the Renaissance paper dolls

Explore the World board game

Professor Noggin’s First Peoples of North America Card Game

Ancient History Go Fish

Holidays of the World Cookbook

Ancient Egypt Printable Board Game

Timeline History Card Games

Tenzi Math Dice Game & Card Deck

Mobi Max Math Game

Clumsy Thief

APlusTutorSoft Multi-Sensory Math Curriculum

The Verbal Math Lesson Review (elementary math)

Sum Swap: An elementary game of math

Farkel: A Quick Mental Math Game

FREE Printable Spelling Battleship Game

There, Their, They’re Silly Sentences Game

Chunks Word Building Game by Didax

POP for Sight Words (Game review)

Reading Eggs & Reading Eggspress Review

Spelling Bee App by TipTapTech

My Little Pony: Party of One App by PlayDate Digital

Read My List (Game review)

Planet Earth DVD Game Review

REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry 1

Groovy Lab in a Box

Paint-by-Number Museum Series

Aquarelle Monet

My Favorite Activity Books to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Crab Stack Strategy Game

Attila Strategy Game

Boogie Board LCD Writer

NIYA Strategy Game

CandyLand 2013

Homeschool Programming Curriculum

Nerf Cyber Hoop

Cranium Brain Breaks, 200 mini-games review

iTooch Family of Educational Apps

Beat the Parents Family Fun Game

Resources for homeschooling elementary school