DIY Cloud Dough Recipe

DIY cloud dough sensory recipe


Cloud dough is  an easy, inexpensive sensory craft that keeps kids busy for hours!


My son had a doctor appointment this morning so I hired a sitter for the other kids (meaning, I begged my adult child to watch her siblings) and it provided some precious one-on-one time. With a large family it’s hard to get that time consistently and sometimes you have to take it where you can get it.


On the way home Mister Man asked “Mom, can we do some art or science today? And by ‘or’ I mean AND. Art AND science!” I replied “UH, sure bud!” and my brain immediately started scanning our cabinets.


Baby oil. We have A LOT of baby oil. Cloud dough! That’s perfect!


“What is cloud dough?”, you ask?


I’m glad you asked. Cloud dough is:


  1. A great sensory activity
  2. A fabulous way to keep the kids busy when mom has a conference call and needs a quiet house

  3. An opportunity to hand your kids some ingredients and tell them to entertain themselves

  4. A great toddler* and preschool activity

  5. A wonderful early science activity

  6. An inexpensive art medium


DIY cloud dough sensory recipe


DIY Cloud Dough Recipe

2 cups flour (not whole wheat)
1/3 cup baby oil

Mix the ingredients together with your hands. My child with sensory processing disorder (SPD) didn’t want to touch the oil so he mixed it with a spoon, he had no problem playing with the dough though (baby steps!)

If you want to add color you can add some powdered paint or even Kool Aid mix.

The dough transforms into the perfect medium for building and experimenting.

Try to answer these questions:
-Who can build the tallest tower?
-What happens if I blow on the tower?
-What happens if I drop a marble into the dough?
-How does the consistency change if I add more flour? More oil?
-does the sand float or sink? Does the oil alone float or sink? The flour?


*Always supervise your kids, you don’t want them eating this. Baby oil is non-toxic but can cause some nasty diarrhea, and ain’t nobody got time for that!
DIY cloud dough sensory recipeDIY cloud dough sensory recipe

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