Paint-by-Numbers Museum Series Review
Paint-by-Numbers Museum Series Does teaching art appreciation intimidate you? It does me! I’ve confessed before about how I don’t know much about art and how I struggle to teach my kids about art. Well, here is another tool in our arsenal, paint-by-numbers kits!   Disclaimer: I received this product at […]

Paint-by-Number Museum Series Review

Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Workbooks
Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Workbooks Do you remember studying geography in school? I do. I remember long and boring lectures with a pull down map in the front of the classroom, the teacher pointing at various places with a long stick. Blah. Blah. Blah. Disclaimer: I received a copy of […]

Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice Review

Aquarelle Money Watercolours Made Easy
  I am not an artist and admittedly, I don’t know much about art or famous artists. While I learn along with the kids, not knowing much about art means it often takes a back seat in our studies. That really bothers me, I really want my kids to have […]

Aquarelle Monet

Kangeaux Walkabout Carrier Review
  Disclaimer: I received a set of Kangeaux Walkabout carriers to facilitate this review. A positive review was not guaranteed and all opinions are my own. Well, my husband’s, because he’s the one who wrote the review.   Once upon a time there was a family. This family loved being […]

Kangeaux Walkabout Review

  Disclaimer: I received two sets of Tenzi dice and the Tenzi Card Game set at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post, and while you’re never obligated to click or purchase, if you do I’ll earn a tiny […]

Tenzi Dice Math Game Review

Popular Purple Pencil Sharpener
*I received a pencil sharpener from in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.* You guys. YOU GUYS!! I FOUND IT! I’ve been searching for 15 years and I think I’ve finally found the holy grail! YES! I think I have found the perfect pencil sharpener! […]

Popular Purple Pencil Sharpener Review

Clumsy Thief Math Game Review
You know me, I’m all about educational games. What makes me even happier, however, is a MATH game that I actually don’t mind playing. Clumsy Thief is a mixture of math, hilarity, and healthy competition. I was pleasantly surprised that such a seemingly simple game could be so much fun, […]

Clumsy Thief Math Game Review