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Shark Week Resources Unit Study
  It’s that time of year again! SHARK WEEK! Now is the perfect time to introduce your children to sharks using these books, videos, virtual experiences, and hands-on activities! Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. Every click and link, while not obligatory, helps fuel our book & game […]

Shark Week 2016 Resources

My favorite books to keep your kids busy while traveling this summer!
  When I was a kid our travel activities were limited to simple pencil and paper games like tic tac toe, hangman, and dots. Our generation of kids have more options for travel entertainment but nothing beats good old pencil and paper games!   Mister Man, who is 11 now, […]

Books to Keep Kids Busy

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Please return in a few weeks to see what I thought if the product after review! We love hiking! There are some essentials you need to take when you hike, things like water and your GPS/phone, sunscreen…and when you hike with kids you have […]

Walkabout Universal Carrier (sponsored)

What it means to be a secular homeschooler, secular homeschooling
There are as many reasons and ways to homeschool as there are homeschooled kids. Traditionally these reasons have often been for religious education purposes, but the tide is changing. Today a family is just as likely to homeschool for non-religious reasons! It’s been a neat change to watch over the […]

What It Means to Be a Secular Homeschooler