The Great Sunscreen Experiment - Sunscreen reviews, homeschool science experiment
This simple homeschool science experiment get kids excited about two very important things: Science & wearing sunscreen! Sunscreen! Parents love it because it protects us from harmful skin damage; Kids hate it because it can sting and burn and it’s not fun to wait while it’s applied. How does sunscreen work? […]

The Great Sunscreen Experiment

Coding for Kids
I have one child who LOVES video games, loves, loves, loves. Sometimes he’ll have a great idea for expanding a game, or he’ll find a glitch that he wants to fix. I wanted to encourage him to get behind the screen and learn how to make the games himself. I […]

Coding for Kids Resources

DIY cloud dough sensory recipe
  Cloud dough is  an easy, inexpensive sensory craft that keeps kids busy for hours!   My son had a doctor appointment this morning so I hired a sitter for the other kids (meaning, I begged my adult child to watch her siblings) and it provided some precious one-on-one time. With […]

DIY Cloud Dough Recipe

Introduce your kids to the art of Andy Warhol with this easy Andy Warhol Art Project for Kids
Introduce your child to one of the most famous artists of the modern era with this Andy Warhol art project!   When one grows up in the shadow of Pittsburgh, PA one has certain things ingrained into their heads early in life: Steelers. Pirates. Penguins. Iron City. Andy Warhol. It’s inevitable […]

Andy Warhol Art Project