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art for kids
A few weeks ago I purchased some clearance art supplies at the big box mass retailer. Who can resist buying colored pencils and water color paint for $.25?

Art has been on my mind a lot lately, specifically because my 2nd child recently started earning college credit toward an art degree. Art is usually relegated to busywork but I’m trying to make a concerted effort to add it into our daily studies. I’ve found a lot of cool websites with ideas for affordable art projects for kids, so sit back and start browsing 🙂

Emily, my art major

Emily, my art major

We love, love, LOVE Mark Kistler’s Online Drawing Lessons. For one low price you get access to a wealth of online drawing lessons, including video art, 3D drawing and more.

Deep Space Sparkle is a fantastic site with hundreds of free art project ideas as well as affordable online courses & lesson plans.

Art History Mom introduces children (and parents!) to great works of art and encourages children to make their own masterpieces.

Art Projects for Kids contains hundreds of free project ideas and a store with affordable PDF lessons. I especially like this site as the author features art projects using items we usually already have around the house.

The National Gallery of Art has a fantastic website with short lessons on recreating some of the art styles featured in the museum.

KinderArt is another great site with hundreds of free ideas for inexpensive art projects.

The Artful Parent is yet another site with hundreds of inexpensive, unique art projects for kids and families.


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