FREE Printable Ancient Egypt Board Game

Free printable Ancient Egypt game

board game

Miss Dreamer, Mister Man, Mister Giggles & I are drawing our unit on ancient Egypt to a close. If the kids were in traditional school they would probably be asked to take a written test to prove that they learned something, but we’re not a “traditional” school. The kids and I worked together to create this board game, which serves as a review and lets me know that yes, indeed, they have picked up a lot of knowledge.

The game isn’t perfect and it is our first foray into making a game on the computer. Miss Dreamer created the game board and game cards with her vast knowledge of PowerPoint and Word. Mister Man and I worked together to create the game questions.

Without further ado here is the game we created, available for you to download in PDF form.

Download the game board

Download the game cards

Download the rules and resources list

Make an Egyptian Cartouche bookmark

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