American Flag Windsock Craft

American Flag windsock craft
There are two days left until the 4th of July and you haven’t done a craft yet. How very unpatriotic of you 😉 It’s going to be ok, here is a simple craft you can do with supplies you may already have, or can buy inexpensively. *Shew* The day is saved again.

*disclaimer: Yes, I really do have 5 kids, it’s just that these two are the only ones who ever want to be in the pictures. Yes, we really do wear our jammies to school 😉 Have a happy 4th of July ya’ll, and stay safe!

American Flag Windsock Craft
1 empty oatmeal tub
2 pieces of blue construction paper
2 pieces of white paper
1 roll of red crepe paper
1 roll of white crepe paper
glue stick
hole punch or knife

Remove the lid from the oatmeal tub and discard

Cut the bottom out of the oatmeal tub and discard

Wrap the blue construction paper around the tub and glue into place

Cut stars out of the white paper and glue to the blue paper. This step is a lot easier if you hop onto the internet, search for an image of a star, copy it and paste it into a document several times. Print out a few copies and have the kids cut them out.

Cut equal lengths of red and white crepe paper, you’ll need 3 or 4 of each color. Staple the crepe paper streamers into the bottom inside of the oatmeal tub. This step is best left to the adults as I managed to staple my finger during this step.

Punch 3 holes evenly spaced around the top of the tub and thread the yarn through them to create a hanger.

Price: $
Recommended age: 3 & up
Reading level required: none
Skill level required: none
Parental involvement: highly recommended

American Flag windsock craft

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